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by 100Faces
What? Disqualified for Devil's sake??? That was a new world record!
Sorry, Mr. Reaper, but this was the natural death event.
Phew. I still don't see what's not natural about a little plane crash on a nuclear power plant. After all, it's just the laws of nature, I say.

by 100Faces
Mummy, can I stay home from school today? I'm not feeling so well.
Mmh, yes. You're looking very proud with no reason. I think you've got Patriotism.
Yes, and I've been singing the national anthem all night, too.
I'll phone your school. You're staying home today.
Bless you! Now go to bed before it gets worse!

I've come from the future to warn you not to stay out in the sun for too long.
Ha! How should I know you're really my future me, puddle?
by 100Faces, 6-05-12

by 100Faces
Seventh row, grave 23, Butch. Now where are my nuts?
Left them on the kitchen table. I'll bring them next time, squirrel.
No nuts and there'll be no next time. I told you.
But ... but ... aaaaaaah!
Right in front of you. That'll be three packs of hazelnuts then.
Thank you, squirrel.

by 100Faces
... the Holy Spirit and ...
This is so not funny!
... Randomly Appearing Snowman! Tah-dah!

by 100Faces
What a stupid idea! Making four-panel-comics is like changing the Holy Trinity to a Holy Quatrinity, I say.
Oh, we've made arrangements to meet these new requirements. It's God the Father, ...
... the Son, ...

by 100Faces
Hey, that's nine against three!

by 100Faces
My new year's resolution is not to kill anybody unexpectedly.
Mine is not to give anybody stupid gifts they don't really need.
What the f***?
I know I broke mine, but this will certainly help him keep his.

by 100Faces
This long distance dating is really getting me down.
But Susan lives just down the road.
I know, but whenever I say I wanna have sex, she says ...
That's still a long way to go until then.

by 100Faces
Now wait, Faces! What are we doing here in the middle of the night in front of edoggydog's house? What do you mean we gotta re-programme his time machine?
Sssht, Doc! This way we can go back to Oct. 12th - one minute before he made his comic. The machine will never be made and he can't go back in time to kill you and annul my CC win.
But if we go back in time and destroy the time machine that took us to the past, we'll probably be trapped in an eternal time loop, Faces.
But that's the only thing we can do, Doc. Believe me! Maybe there will be a few explosions, but ...
Explosions, Faces? Then you will win your own CC by bonus points and this may affect the time and space continuum in even more unpredictable ways. Don't, Faces, d.... Uuuugggghhhh!
I will announce the winner yesterday, The winner is 100Faces. I will announce the winner yesterday. The winner is 100Faces. I will announce the winner yesterday and the winner is 100Faces. I ...

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