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by edoggydog
Circa 2007(?):
What's this..? A website I can make my own comics? Sweet! Maybe, I'll become famous! What should I call myself? How about "rags4jews"? Nah, too racist. I'll go with ragu4u...
August 2016:
I can't believe I had Brad delete all my comics! STOOPID! But, I'll make a new start of it with a different name! How does "Makin_d_Jews_eat_bacon" sound? Nah, too racist! I'll shorten it...
March 4, 2019:
Why did I quit AGAIN?? Everyone on the website must think I'm psychotic! This time, however, I won't BLOW it... Say, that'll make a great new name!
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JoeBlough says:

Psychotic, huh? And my parents always said I'd never amount to anything... ANYTHING at all!
posted Apr 9th, 2019 ( permalink )

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