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by JoeBlough
Inside Chez ragu/d_bacon.....
What happened to our computer?
"Rent-A-Center" came & took it back.
You're kiddin'? The payments were only $1 a day, right?
Well, we kinda got a tad behind!
Behind? How far? When did you pay em' last?
I believe it was on May 15th of.... 1977!

by JoeBlough
Don't bother knockin' kid, cuz bad ****'ll happen!
Oh really? Well...
...I'll be the judge of...
I tried to tell him!

by JoeBlough
Yer a racist! Ya flunked me cuz I'm white!
Huh! That would be below me!
WHAT? I'm telling the Principal!
There's nothing to tell. Now go home, before I load your backpack with homework!
But later, in the Principal's Office...
You're sure he said, "Blow Me!"? That WILL get him fired, I'm afraid.!
Sure, I'm sure! 100%! And then he threatened to stuff a load up my backside!

by JoeBlough
They just peer over that fence, watching the children at recess. It's damn creepy!
There's nothing illegal about THAT!
Think NOT? Go out there and check out those twins for yourself!
Ok, Ok, but I'm sure it's nothing!
But as the Cop approached......
Damn, just when I was about to cum!
He'll be here in a sec. Zip it up, and let's GO, bro! I grabbed the "Jergens"!

by JoeBlough
Take this script, Gene, to help with your anger issues.
Yeah, whatever Doc!
The next day....
Welcome back to Walgreen's Pharmacy.
Them "HAPPY" pills you filled for me yesterday are useless. They're too big to swallow.
Those, sir, were suppositories! They weren't meant to be taken orally!
OK,OK, I got it now! "Happy Time" will begin once I find that **** "Asperegus Fingers" and get her to jam em' up my ass!

by JoeBlough
Is Rags or the pig here?
Who wants to know?
None of your business, pencil neck!
None of my business? Why you little, two bit slu....
I can't tell who it is, Mr. ragu4u. The body was found at your door, knee deep in feces & pencil shavings.
Poor Maura!

by JoeBlough
I'm gonna be your WHAT?
You heard me...BITCH!
You don't understand. I'm not gay!
Maybe not yet, you ain't!
Honest, Officer Dave, he butt ****s me twice a day! What should I do?
You should bend over & drop them drawers cuz old Dave's going for sloppy seconds.

by JoeBlough
Honest to God, Rags...I was abducted by aliens!
Is that so, d_bacon? Do tell!
Thus sayeth d_bacon....
Oh jeepers! What ya gonna do with THAT?
Silence, Earthing or DIE! I ask the questions here!
Wait! So how did you not DIE? You squealed, didn't ya?
Nope! Didn't have to. Turns out his ray gun was really a hair dryer.

by JoeBlough
So Phreaky, is today the day?
What day is THAT, Pete?
The day you photo-copy your ***** for me! C'mon...ya promised! I'll give ya $1000!
For THAT, you'll get the butt-hole as well!
Make it an 11X14. I'm gonna frame it!

by JoeBlough
Rags, did you see that new show "Euphoria" on HBO?
You mean the one filled with over-sexed, nubile nymphettes running rampant with drug filled orgies of lesbian lust & depravity?
Yeah! That's the one! Ain't if GREAT?
How dare you think I'd ever lower myself to indulge in such filth & debauchery!
A short time later....
Hey Abe, have you seen ragu4u?
I'd say that right about now he's at his desk watching TIVO, while he rubs one out!

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