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People fart when they use the restroom.
Farts make noise.

by JoeBlough
I was gonna go surfin' today but it's kinda chilly!
Funny, ain't it?
Kinda odd for Florida, that's for sure!
I'm gonna dig in!
The very next day...
Damn, he's frozen to his surf board!

by JoeBlough
Phreaky at her local Ace Hardware...
A sledge-hammer, eh? What's it for, lady?
I just need one!
A big one or a little one? It makes a difference.
The biggest one I can use with one hand and that vibrates.
Vibrates, eh? Sounds like you'll need a 5 pounder. I'll grab ya a 2lb. jar of Vaseline too.
Good thinkin'. It makes a difference!

by JoeBlough
Why so serious, Ivanka?
Well daddy, Iran has put a 3 million dollar bounty on your head!
Pish-Posh, I'm not afraid of those towel headed, camel jockies!
But 3 mil appeals to a lot of lowlifes!
Trump, don't turn around. Kneel down & say your prayers....
Hillary? I'd know that cheap perfume & nasally rasp anywhere.

by JoeBlough
"MFPD", eh? What the hell? Rags'll know!
Rags, doesn't J.B. use "MFPD" in his signature on this site?
Sorry d_bacon, but I think you're confusing "MFPD" with "MFWIC"!
"MFWIC"? What the hell does THAT mean?
I could tell ya but then J.B. would have to kill ya!

by atomiclunch
"hanh!" *clang!* "hanh!" *clang!*
Say, is that Phreaky in there? Fingering herself with -
a sledgehammer, yes.
"hanh!" *clang!* "hanh! hanh!" *clang!*

I hate MLK day...
Every year on this day, the black parts of me accuse the white parts of me that the white parts are holding down the black parts!
On every other day, I hate the fact trying to mastur-bate with hooves feels like I'm fingering my ***** with sledge-hammer!

You guys can go back to the station. I put the fire out with my trunk!
Impressive! Say, do you also pee with your trunk?
Yes, and ****, too!
Then, for what do you use your *****?
Cock-slapping natives who try to dump their after-births in one of my watering holes!
Oh, snap! BTW, happy MLK day!

by choadwarrior
Why did you put up the Halloween decorations?
I put up the Martin Luther King Day decorations.
You put a skeleton on the door.
Martin Luther King didn't look like a skeleton!
He does now.

by JoeBlough
Butch SO nervous!
Maybe beautiful blind date think Butch ugly man. Ridicule Butch! Butch no can take THAT!!
Hot damn! Yer handsome as hell! Let's FUCK!
Shoot! Now Butch gotta buy condom!

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