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by Makin_d_bacon
What is THAT?
It's a note from your wife. It says that she's leaving your sorry, cheating ass!
I told you to be more discreet, you moron!
She's gone! Let's do IT!
Not now. I got a headache!

by Makin_d_bacon
Years ago........
You're perfect. You'll be our new "Marlboro Man"
Really? What do I have to do?
...the writing was on the wall!
Basically, for the next few decades you smoke 3 packs of Marlboros a day and I photograph you for ads! You OK with that?
Sure! What could possibly go wrong?
Decades later......
Remember Doc, if you want that check make no mention of any damage to his lungs!
What lungs? I couldn't find any!

by Makin_d_bacon
Gene Simmons getting grilled....
Let's hurry this up! My "groupies" await me!
I'd like your reaction Mr. Simmons to the accusation that last month you groped a reporter.
She said I WHAT?
You grabbed her thigh and touched her buttocks.
If that's ALL I did NO WONDER she's ****ed at me! These gals just can't get enough of me!
So there you have it folks. Mr. Simmons boiled it down to this statement..."Them *****es just gotta have that bone!"

by evil_d
Want to make sure you're on Santa's nice list, young lady? Give me your address and I'll double-check!
How about you, miss? Your phone number will work too!
Alright, Mr. Moore. You've been warned about this.
Who paid you to come here and do your job?? Was it the muslims? The sodomites?

Forget Santa's list... If, you want to be on the good list of Ol' Saint Dick, there's just one thing you need to do.
That one thing will keep your on Air Dick's good list forever.
Any guess what that one thing you need to do is?
Does it involve an air *******?

by Makin_d_bacon
...and now with news on the earthquake is our weather gal, Perky Knipples & Tobor, on the scene!
Thanks, Bob. Tell us what you see from there Tobor!
Well be perfectly honest...
...if it wasn't for this damned earthquake, I'd be lookin at the finest set of knockers on nightly news!

by Makin_d_bacon
Oh my GOD! This is terrible!
Really? Tell me what happened!
I'm sorry but I can't. If I did I'd have to kill ya!
Bull****! You TELL me!
So, the cause of death is "curiosity', huh? How's THAT work?
I would tell ya, but then I'd have to know!

by Makin_d_bacon
Please don't hurt me!
You? I don't want YOU! I want your woman.
No problem! I'll go get her for ya!
Pul-ease...take me with you!

by kaufman
Santa must love doctors. My wife is a pediatrician, and she gets the most thoughtful and amazing gifts.
I don't know. Santa never brings my wife anything.
Is she a doctor too?
Yeah, an anesthesiologist.
That's odd ...
I guess I just have an unlisted number.

by kaufman
So 1944 was the only year Santa didn't bring you presents?
Well, there was also 1949, when he paid my parents and those of all the other children, and brought us to the North Pole instead.
Wow! Yuo got to go to Santa's place? How lucky!
It wasn't luck. He had switched his gift list with his shopping list and bought all the kids.
So what happened to all the presents? Where did they go?
Oh, you know. Cereal boxes, Cracker Jacks. There's a reason the guy's so chubby.

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