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Hmmm... That's a knob, and knob is slang for a man's *****.
So, based on that, a door knob is really the door's *****.
That would mean every time I open a door by twisting its knob, I am unwiitingly giving said door a handjob!

by Makin_d_bacon
Thanks dude! See ya next month.
Welcome to "GNC". What'ya need?
Lots of whatever HE had!

by Makin_d_bacon
Still no luck finding work, John?
All the porch monkeys & towel heads are gettin all the jobs! I'm gonna start my own business.
Doing what?
I dunno! I like to cook. Maybe I'll open a restaurant.
How wonderful. I can see it now..."Chez Schnatter"!
Too fancy! I'll go with something like "Papa John's"! I'll show them "darkies"!

... Good night, and thanks for allowing us into your living room! By the way, your curtains are ugly!
Gimmie a second to pull my pants down
so you can critique my carpet as well!

by Makin_d_bacon
We'll freeze your sperm sample in liquid nitrogen to use in the future!
So I just go in that door behind me & start jerkin the gerkin?
You just provide us a sample of sperm. Feel free to use the provided container, then leave by the other door.
Seems simple enough!
After 5 minutes.....
Alrighty nurse, just spit his sample into a test tube and then show in the next donor.
Mmmm hmmm!

by ZMannZilla
Holy Cursewords Porkman! Agrabah just outlawed masturbation!
AGRABAH REALLY EXISTS?! Quickly, the Finchy find Genie so we can resurrect Robin Williams!
Maybe the genie can also allow masturbation to be legal again.
No sense in wasting wish on that when the Finchy could simply wish for infinite watermelons to make sex with.
Speaking of which, lend me your Discover card. I'm heading over to Ahmed's Fruit Emporium.

Just touch it.
I said no!
Just hold the tip then. I promise to do the dishes for a month.
Fine! I'll take the ticket and go to Comic Con with you! Why can't you be a normal guy and beg for anal?

...I must be worse off than I thought. Dial-A-Prayer just called ME!
Which makes me wonder...
When the **** will death return my calls?

by Makin_d_bacon
Alrighty, Denzel...the question yesterday was "Who heads up the Supreme Court"?
I wasn't sure so I axed my dad.
So who it be?
What kinda stupid ass question is THAT boy? Everbody knows it's...
I'm afraid "Diana Ross" is incorrect!

by UnknownEric
So as I said, there are always multiple sides to every story.
So what's the best option?
Sue a side!

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