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by russman
It's a shame about Amanda. I know you spent a lot of time working with her.
She was great. I don't suppose there's any chance you could hold her job for her?
Wish we could. But everyone is aware of our zero tolerance policy.
Well, I had to try.
Oh, by the way. Thanks for letting us know what was going on with her. I don't know if we would have found out without you.
You really don't need to mention it. I mean really, please don't ever mention it.

by kaufman
Let me tell you, son, your mama so fat, she ...

by russman
I feel bad.
I hope you are proud of yourself.
You can't blame me for that.
Buts it's not like the drugs were for me.
You're right. The young girl at work goes to jail for drugs and calls you to talk to the boss about keeping her job. And how did you respond to that?
I guess I told a few of the people what happened and probably cost her any chance of getting her job back.
This time.
How do you sleep at night?
Pretty good. Since my mom bought me that My Pillow.

by Neo11
OK soon-to-be fathers, so far we've covered the best way to hold your newborn and also how to properly feed them
Now, the number three thing we will discuss is the most sanitary way to clean up feces and change a diaper
Shouldn't that have been the number two thing? Hahahahahahaha!
Poop joke

by r2_d2
Thank you for calling the suicide hotline. Your call is very important to us and will be answered in the order in which it was received. Please hold.
Paul! What the **** are you doing!?
These people are in dire straits! We have to give them the individual attention they need!
Dude, I have a 100% success rate this month. Trust me, the hold music does all the work.
♪♫ In Heaven, there is no beer! ♫♪
I want to live!

by choadwarrior
Your house, it is very dirty.
You may have wondered why I called you here today.

by FactoryRejects
...So I told him to reverse the polarity!

by Neo11
In this company, we always stop and think about the environment before any potentially unnecessary printing or copying
So beautiful. So majestic. It's up to us to preserve such an incredible site for all future generations to enjoy.
Eh, **** it. 100 copies of my ass scan coming up!

by russman
One more night till the weekend. What you got planned?
Was thinking about getting drunk to the point of almost throwing up.
That is ridiculous.
Wait, then drinking just a little bit more until I pass out in my own puke on a filthy bar bathroom floor.
Very funny.
Or maybe just stay home with you and watch that Murder She Baked marathon on Hallmark.

by russman
What are we doing here?
I know he always replaces us with something.
He's hoping we might say something funny.
He does realize that he puts the words in our mouths right?
Gross. I will not say that to my sister.
Let me guess. He wanted you to put something in my mouth, right?

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