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I'm sorry sir, but you can't park your car in this lot. It's too commercial.
What makes it "too commercial"?
There is a huge advertisement for Ford right there on your car! That's very commercial!
It's the brand of the car! What do you suggest I drive?
You can drive what I do. A plain white van with no windows or markings.
That reminds me, have you also noticed the lack of children in our neighborhood recently?

Dude! There's a nursery you can take your kid to, You don't have to bring them to the service.
Sorry about that. I didn't mean to disturb you
That's okay
It's just that some of us are trying to sleep.

by russman
We've been here since this morning and you haven't even talked to any of these drunk *****es.
I know. I just can't get into it. I appreciate you hanging out with me though.
Wait a minute. I thought we would pick up a couple of these girls. That's your job. You've got the chick game.
Ok. Let's do a couple more shots then I'll give it a shot.
That's more like it. I'll get the drinks.
Great. I'll go throw up. That oughta help.

by Neo11
Oouch! AAAGH! OOUCH! OK, just stop that immediately
You wanted to try anal and wow, that did not work at all
I don’t understand what went wrong. We bought that special lube, didn’t you use it?
Not at all babe. The directions say to apply liberally and I just don’t fly that way

by Neo11
Hey, I’m not going to be able to make it out for happy hour tonight. I have plans
No problem. Got a hot date?
Hahahahaha I wish
Oh…..ugly date?

by Neo11
Wow, Matt is one sick son of a *****
Well, it is flu season. Unfortunately, that stuff makes it way around
No, not that. He is at his desk watching a video of girls ****ting in each others mouths. That is some nasty stuff!
Oh my, that is quite disturbing
Later That Day
Hey Matt, I heard you were looking at some interesting files this morning. Mind if I take a look?

by russman
Did you ever wake up with your **** still inside your sock and it's all sticky when you try to pull it off?
Then your mom's like why'd you sleep on the couch and where's your pants and other sock and Oh my God put that away?
So anyway how's your weekend going?

by Neo11
Hello, and welcome to the BizzCo health assessment
There seems to be some trouble loading. Would you like to enable cookies?
Oh, I LOVE cookies. Yes, please allow for cookies!
Wrong answer fatso! You have failed your health assessment

by Neo11
Please stop with the chasing! You know you don’t really want to eat me
Come on! Here piggy, piggy, piggy!
Don’t the last 3 years of friendship mean anything to you? Late night drinks, deep conversations, ball out in the yard
Wow, you’re absolutely right. I’ll stop
Thanks. I knew you’d realize it’s not worth trading all that in just for a plate of crispy bacon
Mmmmm crispy, **** all that. Come here piggy, piggy piggy!

Colton? What happened?
Well, after I jumped the fence, I decided that I quit. I can't do it anymore.
Do what? Stand there and look pretty while you get paid and have all these women pretend to be in love with you and offer you sex to prove it?
Yeah, that.
So you're gay, stupid, or both. Do you also make online comics under the user names edoggydog and RandomComicLayoutGuy?
How the hell do you know my user names?!

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