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by choadwarrior
Why did you put up the Halloween decorations?
I put up the Martin Luther King Day decorations.
You put a skeleton on the door.
Martin Luther King didn't look like a skeleton!
He does now.

by Neo11
Since we’ve only got three minutes, I’ll get straight to it. How about we go to my place and you tell me what you'd like to do with me
Fuck you!
You want to **** me? Mmm, what else?
You’re an *******!
Urine *******? Sounds like something kinky is about to happen

I'm looking for some new bedding. What would you recommend?
Well, if you were Amish, I'd recommend a quilt because all Amish people use quilts.
If you were Middle Eastern, I'd recommend an afghan because all Middle Easterners use afghans. If you were---
Stop. Would you please quit using blanket statements.

by Neo11
Hello. I saw that this store was pet friendly so I brought my cat Sprinkles. What do I do if he pees on the floor?
Aww, he’s adorable. Should he accidentally tinkle, we have cleanup towels located all around the store
What if he poops on the floor?
Uh well, in that case we also have cleanup bags if needed
What if I poop on the floor?
Get out

by Neo11
So what happened with you and Lesley after I left the bar last night?
We made our way to her place
Are you for real? Did you two hook up?
A gentleman does not kiss and tell
That’s fine man, I understand
But since there was no kissing involved, I can tell you that I ****ed her in the ass

by Neo11
I must say that this has gone well and we are just about finished
Last item of the interview. Explain a time when you were in a difficult situation and how you were able to overcome it
Right when I showed up, I had to take a huge dump but someone was in the only stall. No worries though, I was able to hide and take care of business behind those bushes out front
Oh my goodness! You did what?
I know, that’s some quick thinking right?

by Neo11
This has been such a great date, would you like to come back to my place?
I may be up for that. Would love to find out if the carpet matches the d****s.
Oh, there is no carpet. What I would love is some hard wood down there
Later That Night
So how did your date with Tonya go?
It started off as good as I could imagine but I had to end it right there. I just can’t be with someone who prefers hardwood floors

by Neo11
Yup, only 10 hours in and I just had my first wank of the new year
What are you talking about? You got so drunk last night that you decided to crash here in my guest room
I should probably get going

by kaufman
Dinosaurs will walk the earth.
Barbarians will overrun the Roman Empire.
What are you doing? This is supposed to be predictions for the upcoming decade.
Sorry, man, I guess I just don't have 20- 20 vision.

by choadwarrior
Rampart, we have a 50 year-old male complaining of chest pains. BP is 180/100, pulse is 120, Respiration is normal.
10-4, 51, Start an IV of D5W with Ringers Lactate and transport.
Rampart, I have a possible rabies victim. Patient is frothing at the mouth, weak, and hallucinating.
10-4, 51, Start an IV of D5W with Ringers Lactate and transport.
Doctor, Roy and Johnny are calling in a decapitated body that has been incinerated beyond recognition.
Have them start an IV of D5W with Ringers Lactate and transport.

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