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by choadwarrior
I'm confused.
The sedation is wearing off.
What happened?
I had to fill a few cavaties.
I came in for a tetanus shot.
You can clean up in the sink.

Hey! Frozen chicken nuggets for dinner! I love it!
We had an open bag that needed cooked, so I just threw it together.
Sweet! And they're in little Jumanji shapes. I had no idea the Rock was hawking chicken nuggets though.
Why do they taste so awful?
They're from the Robin Williams version.

I just got the quarterly earnings in and I can't believe how little I'm being paid!
Oh my God! Hashtag Me Too!
What? And the way the boss stares at me when I come out of the restroom makes me really uncomfortable.
Oh my God! Hashtag Me Too!
I feel like I can't say anything anymore without ****ing someone off!
Hashtag Me Too, buddy. Hashtag Me Too.

by Namgubed
I am Arnold Schwarzenegger!!
Well? Did you tell him his name sounds racist?
I shat my pants!

by ZMannZilla
Holy Cursewords Porkman! Despite a clear veto, the "Make Mayonnaise Green" bill was passed with a simple Congressional majority instead of the required 2/3 majority!
Whoa, big words, and lots of them. The Finchy will explain to the Porkman why for I should care?
We're supposed to be making a comic about being politically incorrect. I just described a political scenario that was handled incorrectly. So you see-
Gonna stop ya there, Finchy. Is figure of speech meaning "be a gross ****". Also Makin_d_bacon is judging so don't get too cerebral or joke will just go over his head.
*sigh* fiiiiiiine, "Holy Cursewords Porkman that lesbian nun just got ****d by a Mexican toddler with a **** shaped like the face of Mohammad".

by kaufman
The crime that has all of Middle Earth talking.
Stole my precioussssss
And still no arrests
How come, Chief Willoughby?

by choadwarrior
One of our faculty has been nominated for the Wang Award
I don't know what that that is, but I want that award...
It's not what you think.
...even if I can't display it on my bookshelf.
I happen to know the person it is named after.
Milton Berle?

Mr. Spock, you look perturbed. What happened?
I was trying to engage the Romulan Cloaca Device.
by kaufman, 2-07-18

by UnknownEric
Touch you once
Touch you twice
Won't let go at any price
Dammit, man, get your hand out of your pants!

by choadwarrior
Eureka! I've finally discovered a way to sex fossils.
How does it work?
Brace yourself.

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