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With Hurricane Barry headin' this way, I'd better board up this here broken door.
I wonder if I got some spare boards in the attic I ain't a usin'.
That should do 'er!

Welcome to the Ross Perot memorial celebration.
That's weird. I thought Ross Perot would be here. I guess I'll try next door.
Welcome to the Ross Perot memorial celebration.
He's not here either? What's the deal?
If you want to see Mr. Perot, you'll have to wait for the third party.

by russman
I've noticed a few more people have been posting comics to this site again.
A few have even been funny.
Maybe I should quit making comics about my personal life and start making funny comics again.
Sorry, I meant for once.
Dare to dream. Big Guy.

by kaufman
In other news, auto executive Lee Iacocca has died at age 94.
Iacocca is credited with bringing Chrysler back from the brink during the 1980s.
His family released a short statement: "If you can find a better corpse, bury it."

by Porternotes
Hey Cat, I'm tired of taking your bull****.
What are you gonna do about it, Pipsqueak?
I've been working out, bulking up. Eating "Grow-tein" I'm comin' for dat ass!
Oh goodness!
That's when he pounded the **** outta my *****.
No wonder you look like the cat that got the cream.

Dinner's almost ready. Call your brother.
Hey **** bag, **** wad, **** muffin!
What? You didn't tell me what to call him.

Tabby Cat! I choose you!
Alley Cat! I choose you!
*hack* *hack* *hack*

by kaufman
Do you have any fours?
Go Fish!

by russman
It lives.
Yep. I'm back baby.
So, you finally decided to move on with your life?
Hell no. She broke up with the new guy and called to get what only I can give her.
Your sweet, sweet love?
Well, Xanax first. But the loving comes as soon as she nods off.

by ZMannZilla
Our main story tonight is about the local county fair! We'll go over how much fun you'll have going on all the rides and, uh, whatever else happens at county fairs.
After that we'll take an in-depth look at belly button lint. Is it toxic? Our experts say no. But you'll need to watch our entire 12-minute expose to hear all the chilling details.
And stick around for part 6 of our 28-part series on the history of drying paint. All that and more, coming up in the next half hour! Oh, and Russia launched nukes about an hour ago, just FYI.

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