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by russman
I am so confused, another friend from work just told me it was the girl who reported me to HR.
But she says it wasn't and keeps wanting to go out with me.
It just doesn't add up no matter how I look at it. Do you have any ideas?
You know I don't listen to a word you say if I don't get the customary hey I need your attention nut.

by russman
You know that feeling you get when you just know that everything's gonna be ok.
That somehow no matter how grim things look you can just sense that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
No, seriously, do you? Cause I sure as hell don't.

And this is my new single, "I Forgot To Remember To Nevar Forget."
by UnknownEric, 9-11-18

by choadwarrior
Have a blessed day!
I said, “Have a blessed day.”
You’re supposed to bless me back.
It only works when you believe.

by russman
All right. It's football season again and me and you are gonna watch the game and get drunk just like we used too.
That's the tentative plan.
C'mon, you're not gonna bail on me are you? Are you waiting for some girl to text you with a better offer?
As much as I enjoy our time together you've got to admit that any offer from a girl would by definition be better.
You know we went to college together, your sarcasm is not as lost on me as you think.
Well, someone didn't drink his breakfast this morning. We better get you a shot.

by kaufman
Did you hear? The news reported this afternoon that Tom Jones died.
Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that. I always thought he was so hot.
Me too. He always put so much into his singing.
By the way, do you know if he's going to be cremated?
I have no idea. Why?
Well, I have to know whether to bury my underwear or burn it.

by russman
Hey Mom. Sorry about the weekend. Just needed to get away and do some thinking.
I hope you decided to make some changes.
Oh I did. I realize that my life has become totally pointless. Living paycheck to paycheck and moving from one girl to the next.
So what did you decide to do about it?
Isn't it obvious? No more thinking. What, you thought I was going to give up girls?
And you wonder why your sister is the executor of my estate.

squeal! *sob* squeal!
by four_legged_tripod, 9-06-18

Mr. President, what are your thoughts on the protests over your Supreme Court judge nominee?
He's an intelligent man giving intelligent answers to complex questions.
We really should be talking about the unemployment numbers.
They are so low that even Colin Kaepernick has found a job.

by russman
I heard you missed me.
That might be the wrong word. I was just concerned about the nut situation. I wouldn't want to have to start foraging again.
Anyway it looks like I get to keep my job. The investigation is officially closed. Plus I get to keep seeing the hottie.
Who now has the power to not only quit seeing you whenever she wants, but can go ahead and have you fired at the same time with just a word.
You know every once in awhile Jiminy Cricket let Pinocchio feel good for just a little bit before bringing him down.
What else would you expect from a bug. I think a squirrel gives you a little more perspective.

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