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by HCRoyall
Greetings, Earthling! I have come from the pla-
Get me the **** outta here before the Russians make it worse, dude! I don't care how many anal probes you have to do!
What is a "Russian?"
They're these awful people who suppress free speech, oppose democracy, and sabotage governments who speak against them! And that's when they aren't being violent!
So this destruction was caused by these Russians?!
What? Naw, man, this is just Detroit.

Victory shall be mine!
Not again!
Let me just grab this... Ouch! Paper cut!
Shut up Harold! I want a de-forest!

by Neo11
Happy Cyber Monday! Welcome to Verizon live chat, my name is Mindy
Hey Mindy, this is Derek. You are making me so hot! I'm slowly taking off my pants as I caress your neck
This is incredibly inappropriate and disgusting. That is NOT what the cyber in Cyber Monday means
Oh, well this is quite embarrassing. I am so sorry
That's OK. While you are here, our hottest deals today are buy one, get one free phones
Wow, that is a hot deal. In fact, it's so hot that I'm going to cool down by slowly taking off my pants as I caress your neck

by choadwarrior
My hotel in San Diego is next to a taco shop called, "Roberto's." Have you heard of it?
You should go--it's way better than any Mexican place in the Bay Area.
So, it's pretty good?

by choadwarrior
Even though the fires are 200 miles away, the smoke is pretty bad.
It's not so bad.
My eyes are red and my throat is all scratchy.
This is nothing.
It's nothing?
I lived in LA in the Seventies.

by Namgubed
Happy birthday, honey! What do you want on your breakfast-in-bed omelette?
Spinach an" bacon !!
A *****in" spankin' !!

by Neo11
She said yes. SHE SAID YES! I just can’t believe that she actually said yes!
Hey Greg, you are getting married? That’s wonderful news
Say what? No, I asked her if she knew where she wanted to eat tonight and for once she said yes
Oh….well, where did she say she wanted to go then?
Actually I have no idea. I got so excited and just took off running out the door

by Neo11
So you have been cheating on me? Ugh! Give me a break Peter!
Sorry but I...I don't think that I am willing to do that
Well if you won't stop sleeping around then I am out of here because we are through!
Wait, what? Shit, I thought that she wanted a piece of my Kit Kat

Professor, your discovery is amazing!
It will change the way people think about ancient Egypt, that's for sure!
Running water and indoor plumbing was way ahead of their time.
I know. And to think, they even had sinks where the water could be turned on and shut off.
What do you plan to call your new findings professor?
The Pharaoh Faucet.

by choadwarrior
After working on a campaign non-stop for four months, I'm glad the election is finally over.
How'd you do?
We got two-thirds of the votes.
You should be jumping up and down waving your arms in excitement!
I am.

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