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by choadwarrior
Sooo...I just talked to God and He wants ritual circumcision for all the men.
Sounds fun! What is it?
We slice off the foreskin because He says it was a mistake what with all the funk wandering the desert causes up there.
Slice off. With a knife?
Unless you can think of something better.
Can we just wash our ****s?

by Neo11
Why has everything become smart over the years? Smart phones, smart TV's, smart cars. Smart, smart, smart, am I right?
What's wrong with that?
I mean, are we to believe everything in the past was stupid? Like I should walk into my house and say, "Hello there, you dumb tube TV"
Oh how I long for the day I can have a smart co-worker
HAHAHAHA, ain't that the truth? Did you just make that up? It's really funny

I did it! I'm no longer a virgin!
No way! What's it like?
Well, I found her cloaca. It's a slit, like this.
And you just shoved it in there?
Wait! He stuck it in your nose?!

by kaufman
Who's the dead guy?
Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA
Uh, why's he just lying on the floor?
Nobody can find an allen wrench to assemble his Snoorgenheimel casket.

by choadwarrior
Did you lose weight?
You look different.
I bought bigger pants.

by Neo11
Hi Mr. Franklin
Well, hello there Stewart
Sorry, but I can't stay and chat. I'm heading to the store to load up on toilet paper and eggs
Ah, I imagine you are preparing for the big snowstorm that's coming
Snowstorm? No, I was just planning on TP-ing and egging your house tonight after you go to sleep

Why so glum? I thought you were going camping.
We are. We're gonna stay outdoors so I bought us something to stay in and it's even made by that blue ribbon beer company.
Sounds great. What's the problem?
My neighbors gave us something to sleep in as a gift and my wife would rather take theirs.
How come?
She'd rather stay in the present tents than in the Pabst.

by umfumdisi
What time is it, Pa?
Don't rightly know, boy.
Just look at yer phone.
Can't remember where I left it.
Is that why we're at the dead body hospital?
Nah, that's 'cause we're necrophiliacs.

by choadwarrior
How's the carne asada?
Es muy bueno.
But it will make you all farty.
So you can enjoy it twice!

by LUNCHGroups
Why can't Elsa have a balloon?
Because she'll let it go
Who's Elsa?
Do you get it?
Yes, I get it now.

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