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by kaufman
Did you hear? The news reported this afternoon that Tom Jones died.
Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that. I always thought he was so hot.
Me too. He always put so much into his singing.
By the way, do you know if he's going to be cremated?
I have no idea. Why?
Well, I have to know whether to bury my underwear or burn it.

by russman
Hey Mom. Sorry about the weekend. Just needed to get away and do some thinking.
I hope you decided to make some changes.
Oh I did. I realize that my life has become totally pointless. Living paycheck to paycheck and moving from one girl to the next.
So what did you decide to do about it?
Isn't it obvious? No more thinking. What, you thought I was going to give up girls?
And you wonder why your sister is the executor of my estate.

squeal! *sob* squeal!
by four_legged_tripod, 9-06-18

Mr. President, what are your thoughts on the protests over your Supreme Court judge nominee?
He's an intelligent man giving intelligent answers to complex questions.
We really should be talking about the unemployment numbers.
They are so low that even Colin Kaepernick has found a job.

by russman
I heard you missed me.
That might be the wrong word. I was just concerned about the nut situation. I wouldn't want to have to start foraging again.
Anyway it looks like I get to keep my job. The investigation is officially closed. Plus I get to keep seeing the hottie.
Who now has the power to not only quit seeing you whenever she wants, but can go ahead and have you fired at the same time with just a word.
You know every once in awhile Jiminy Cricket let Pinocchio feel good for just a little bit before bringing him down.
What else would you expect from a bug. I think a squirrel gives you a little more perspective.

by russman
It's kind of a turn on that someone went to HR about us hanging out.
Oh yeah. People trying to get me fired is an awesome thing.
Don't worry, I told them you weren't bothering me. I said we are just good friends.
So who do you think reported us?
I don't know. But let's make sure we keep talking at work and we will see what happens next.
This seems like it might be more fun for the supposed victim than the accused predator.

by russman
What have I told you about coming into this house. You bushy tailed rat.
Nice to see you too. Any idea where our boy is at?
Probably off with one of his little tramps. He'll drag his sorry ass in here sooner or later.
I don't know. He usually takes me with him to witness the debauchery.
Just exactly how does it work with you two?
Best not to think about it too much. It's kind of like you drying the same ****ing dish 24 7.

by russman
What the ****. I didn't think you were real.
I didn't think you were either. What, do you live in this bar?
What do you want?
Was hoping our boy was here. He may be off the deep end this time.
Over a girl or a job. He doesn't care about that ****. So what's it like living in his head?
Remember that scene in the Bee Movie when the flowers all died? Just like that but with brain cells.

Hey, baby! How you doin'?
I really need to find a better after work spot.

by russman
Monday morning called to Human Resources
Good morning Russell. We don't get to see you midnight shift workers very ofen.
That's one of the main reasons I work midnights.
Now I've got to figure out who is trying to get me in trouble.
Anyway it's been reported to us that you may be having an inappropriate relationship with another employee.
Inappropriate? You mean like a forbidden position or something.
I really doubt if this is the end of the situation.
I'm just going to mark this down has a verbal. Let's just try to be a little bit more discreet.
Sure. By the way you couldn't give me a hint on who I'm supposed to be more discreet with could you?

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