CC182: Strip(Creator) Board Game

Though it's riddled with in-jokes and obscure references that even today's SC regulars may not get, I think this series should still be at least somewhat accessible to anyone who's ever been part of an internet community. Anyway, it won Comic Contest 182, which is full of other great comics you should also read.

by evil_d
CAUGHT "BORROWING" SOMEONE ELSE'S MATERIAL: If it was funny the first time, why not again, right? Just like this game. Go back to Start.
MY SECRET IDENTITY: You accidentally reveal one of your other accounts. Remove your token from the board. Join with the player closest to Start and play as a team for the rest of the game.
Hello, my name's Bogart.
Nice to meet you; I'm Geniu$.
*End Game.* Well, for you, anyway.

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CC182: Strip(Creator) Board Game

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