The Compartmentalist and related comics

A lot of my comics from December 2001 and January 2002 shared a common theme. Most of these were inspired by a flamewar about music in the forums.

by evil_d
So I cut holes in the knees of all my jeans, but it still wasn't enough, you know? I needed something that really articulated how I was battered by fate.
So I went out to Dallas. There's this guy there who'll give you a genuine exit wound, from a real bullet, for $600.
Hold on a second. If you have $600 of disposable income, how hard can your life possibly be?
You don't understand. It's a metaphor for the pain and suffering of my everyday life.
Oh, I understand, all right. Some guy in Dallas figured out a way to shoot poseurs and get paid for it. This man is a genius.

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