Homosexual Adventures in Outer Space

So there was this flamewar on the forums about copyright law. In an attempt to explain how copyright protects the original artist, someone suggested (with tongue in cheek, of course) that if anyone who wanted to had been allowed to write their own Calvin & Hobbes strips, Bill Watterson would have given up in frustration and instead written comics about Snuffy Smith and Andy Capp having sex. I wrote this short series in reponse to that. When I posted it, I asked people to tell me if it permanently ruined their enjoyment of Snuffy Smith or Andy Capp, because that would have been great. The request still stands.

by evil_d
Welcome to Snuffy Smith and Andy Capp's Homosexual Adventures in Outer Space! We join our heroes as they're about to blast off on their maiden voyage!
3... 2... 1.... Liftoff!
Snuffy Smith is copyright (c) some damn redneck!
LOOKIT THET! A perfect takeoff! Shore is nice to spurt into the sky like thet!
Right, then. I'm off to the ship's pub for a long pull on a tall glass.
Andy Capp is copyright (c) some damn Scotsman!
Not afore we finish th' TAKEOFF PROCEDURES!
What's left... oh, how could I forget? The CELEBRATORY SODOMY! Of course!

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Homosexual Adventures in Outer Space

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