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by Hatrix
So how are the anti-anxiety meds working?
Oh yeah. Now that I don't have panic attacks...
... I can focus on my crippling depression full time.

by Hatrix
We are so so very totally Sorry!
Yes, we are complete and utterly sorry!
We're sorry you SUCK so much U FReekinG NOOB! My Granma could frag your ass with her eyes closed!

by Hatrix
Sir, you're a thief, a conman, a liar and a sociopath without a moral compass. You have no ethics, no empathy and you base every decision on how it will effect only you.
Now you know we can't let you out of here...
Until you secure funding for your re-election campaign.
How 'bout if I just go back to preaching for a while?

by Hatrix
Hey kids! It's time for the Professor Know It All show! What's that Assistant Dolly? Why yes today we're... we're...
Oh my stars! Assistant Dolly! You're real! And we really ARE in Science land! This is so magical! I can't believe it!
It's true Professor! Your passion for teaching and your love for science made it all real! Show me your love Professor!
So ten minutes into the show he started mumbling and taking his clothes off?
Yeah. We cut the feed before he started humping the doll. EMS says it was a stroke or something.

by Hatrix
Oh are you the only one home with me?
Yeah. Mom and Dad are out shopping. Grampa and the boys are outside.
You know you're adopted right?
Yeah gramma. Everyone knows. It's not a secret.
Damn. Do you want to know what you're getting for christmas?
My inheiritance if you keep it up *****.

by Hatrix
You people disgust me. Why can't you repent and live decent lives like the rest of us? Why can't you stop trying to destroy god's laws?
So let me get this straight padre...
Raping altar boys, paying hush money and protecting the offenders is A-OK with your god but blessing the marriage of two consenting, loving adults of the same gender would bring about the apocalypse?
Stop trying to use logic to confuse the issue!
Ok. How about I just start an initiative to make your religion a crime? Sound fair?

by Hatrix
So you add everyone who sends us a card to our xmas card list? Can I see it?
The Pendelstels, The Brikmods, the Oblemeyers, the Von Vittens, Chip and Pippy Thresk, Val Klepper, Iggy and Vonda Nogmore...
Honey... who the **** are all these people?
You know... I have no idea.

by Hatrix
Hey look, another xmas card.
Not bad for November 9th. How many is that now?
Three. This one is from 'Jack, Myrtle, Mavis and the twins'.
How thoughtful of them to remember us!
Do you happen to remember them?
You mean we're supposed to know the people who send us these random seasonal greetings?

by Hatrix
Don't cha just love xmas son? The lights, the music, the warmth of family.
I know. It's so nice that the whole family can still gather for something as traditional as attending midnight mass together.
Well we should finish loading the truck and get out of here before they get back.
Yeah let me just check the bedrooms for hidden presents.

by Hatrix
Right after I get up!
Christmas eve.
After the yelling stops.
Dad sold our presents to buy crack so mom started early.
What are we talking about?
When our parents will start drinking this xmas.

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