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by DexX
*sigh* I'm really hoping that quitting my job is the right decision...
You're doing the right thing. Time to move on to greener pastures. No wait, that's for cows. Time to move on to a more conducive work environment. That's better.
A greener work environment! A more conducive pasture!
Working for a boss who's a real cow!
As_you_can_see_I've_re-written the greener pastures safety manual and prepared a powerpoint presentation for all new cows explaining the finer details of the cud-chewing process. What do you think?

by DexX
I'm thinking I should do a tour of all the "big" roadside attractions some time... I haven't been to The Big Trout in Ages!
You mean you actually want to go to The Big Pineapple?
Sure! Do The Big Banana while I'm up there, then there's The Big Earthworm, The Big Merino, The Big Rocking Horse...
You forgot the most important one.
The Big Waste of Time and Money.

I told you not to buy a ****ing Lada.
by DexX, 5-01-07

by DexX
Intelligent Design? God, what a stupid term.
What do you mean?
If we were "designed" then there was nothing "intelligent" about it. I have all kinds of devolved bits and pieces on me that haven't been useful for eons.
Oh yes... the appendix, a withered vestigial second stomach that serves no purpose apart from getting infected and killing you.
Yeah, the appendix, nipples on men, the way your hairs stand up when you're cold... this **** is like legacy code.
You know what this means? If Intelligent Design is true, then God is Microsoft.

by DexX
I've been thinking, Frank... we've been stuck here a while, now, and I don't think we're ever going to be rescued... I'm thinking, well, we might have to do something... kind of... sick...
Uh... what are you trying to say, Harry?
Well, you know... we might not have any other option and, uh...
Harry! Are you suggesting... you know... *wink wink* "Hello sailor"?
What? No, not sex, you tit! I'm talking about cannibalism! One of us will have to eat the other to survive!
Oh... more like "Goodbye sailor" then?

by DexX
...and the goal goes through! Australia is going to the World Cup!
We did it! We're through to the World Cup! I can't believe it!
Went through extra time and into a shoot-out, but we got there in the end! This is so exciting!
You know... a whole lot of Aussies who have never seen a game are suddenly going to be diehard soccer fans...
...until we get knocked out in the first or second round, naturally.

by DexX
Tennis was more interesting before they got robots to play it.

by DexX
You know, I just haven't been feeling horny at all lately. It's like I have no sex drive at all.
Call Mulder and Scully! My friend has been replaced by an alien replicant!
...a married alien replicant!

Costume? What costume?
That's it. I'm going home.
by DexX, 11-06-05

by DexX
This one was taken in Aspen, first thing in the morning. What a beautiful snowfall... perfect skiing conditions.
Oh, this is me meeting the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. I expected him to have a huge ego, being a star and all that, but he was actually very sweet - no pun intended!
This is me visiting my friend Kate Moss. I'm posing in front of her personal stash - about a week's worth, apparently.

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