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by UnknownEric
shoots off own foot

by UnknownEric
Gonna make some sweet brown / flush it down
I got the night ****s.
(ohhhh, got the night ****s)

by JoeBlough
Here's the cause of that god awful odor, sir!
I hope you're right. Please remove it!
Glad to, sir! comes the wife!
Damn! And I thought that CAT stunk! Whew!
What'd you say?

by JoeBlough
Do it!
Uh uh!
Speak out MAN!

by JoeBlough
So you wanna do porn, eh Miss Phreaky?
What? NO! The ad was directed at Ornithologists!
How ya'll figger dat, sugar tits?
I assumed that an ad worded... (Seeking women into "Swallowing") was for "Birders"!
After Phreaky stormed out the door....
The blonde left, did she?
Change the ad, Frenchy. Swap the word "swallowing" for "Dick Licking".

by JoeBlough
Do you believe it? They're saying that 4 out of 10 Americans approve of Socialism!
What KIND of Americans?
The "American" KIND, doofus!
If you're talking about "Millenials", I'd say it's ...
10 out of 10!

by JoeBlough
You gonna blow all the guys in class, Teach?
Yup, all at once!
Hey guys...start jerkin' yer gherkin for "JAWS" over here!
Now girls, rub those pussies till they weep cause I'll do YOU next!
I understand "Sex Ed" began at your school today! You have to agree, the creation of human life ia an amazing thing!
Pretty much Pa, but "Bukkake" is what REALLY rocks!

by JoeBlough
You gonna watch the finale of "Game of Thrones" tonight?
You mean that racist piece of trash on HBO?
Racist? What "Racist"? It's a damned medievial fantasy.
Obviously, you fail to understand the "White Walkers"! I DO! They live next door to me!
This here is Birmingham, darkie! "Sweet Home Alabama" country. Ya dig?
It's YOU again? What? My M.C. Hammer not loud enough for you?

I'm not too sure about this...
It'll be fine... I hear these natives are friendly.
In fact, VERY friendly.
They wouldn't happen to be the Cocksucking Watoozi tribe I read about in that pamphlet at the hotel, would they?
There's only one wonderful way to find out!

♫ ♫ I'm singing in the acid rain... Just singing in the acid rain... ♫ ♫
♫ ♫ What a weird, burning feelin' ♫ ♫
♫ ♫ I'll never see my three layers of dermis again ♫ ♫

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