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by JoeBlough
...has certain unique situations!
I don't feel well, Ms. Jefferson!
Then see the school nurse, which makes the third time this week!
You again, Kimberly? Are your huge nipples still hard and tongue sensitive? How about those pink ***** lips? Do they still quiver & drip when you rub & finger them?
Do they ever! They all need a full "going over", Ms. Lixalot! And my hiney, too!
Whispers heard in the "Nurse's Office"
Oh god YESSSS, nurse! Right there. Don't stop! Harder! Deeper. Faster! Now my ass. Do me in my ass! THERE! Aieeeeee....
I can't ever mop in there. I've never seen so many sick girls in one school!

by JoeBlough
Grand Opening
Unlock the front door! We're open for business!
Your wish is my command, Mistress!
"THAT" is our first customer???
A sore back, you say? Did you fall off a swingset at recess?
Well...did you?
Look lady, I got no arms so I came here for a simple hand job. Let's cut out the bull****!

by JoeBlough
Whatcha gonna do today gramps?
I'm gonna go see the new "Bond" film.
The one starring a black woman playing Laquesha, mutha ****in', Bond?
That's the one. They say she's perfect in the part. Here's a Trailer on TV now!
Laquesha Bond confers with "M"...
A tad heavy on the "Jheri Curl" eh, 007? Are you sure you're even British?
Fuckin' "A" , you white-bread ass-hole! Now get me a drink. A "Colt 45" 40 oz., shaken, not stirred!

by JoeBlough
Oh oh, here he comes now!
You don't mean...
Yup! Promise me, if he says it, you'll crap on his head!
"Aye there, hoot men, laddies!"
Let him have it!

by atomiclunch
The ***** you demanded, my Lord.
How the hell am I supposed to eat that? It's barely a mouthful! You are crap at this minion gig, Doug, you know that?
Forgive me, my liege. I will find more suitable ***** for your tastes.
You'd better. I don't like disappointment!
What would you have me do with this one, then?
Meh, leave it. I could use a good hump.

by JoeBlough
Chen sorry lil buddy, but Hiromi say you gotta go!
Dat bee-otch! Let's "F" her up!
But Hiromi gets wind of their plan....
...and then I dump her body in furnace while you keep look-out, lil buddy!
Ah HA!
...and sent them packin'!
Quit yer *****in! At least she gave YOU a spacesuit!
But she shoved the bananas up my ass!

by JoeBlough
One more hour till I step onto the moon!
It shows here that people are already there so check it out asap!
Moon to Spork! Moon to Spork! I think we got us a Kosher Deli going in up here!
Oy vey!
Who's that schlep?

by JoeBlough
Jael signs with "MFA" Pictures, not knowing what that means!
You sure you're OK with being surrounded by a variety of huge ****s?
Absolutely! I'm partial to making Bukkake films!
What the hell is a Bukkake? I'm a Brahma!
I'm a Langshan! I can't believe she's the "Narrator"?
So, MFA stands for "Midwest Farmers Association" and does NOT stand for "Mature Fucking Adults"?
I'm an Australorp and right you are, ma'am!

by JoeBlough
Now say it like you MEAN it!
My name is Bond, you Cracker! Laquesha, mutha ****in' BOND! You feelin' me?
Can you make it sound a tad more British?
You betcho sweet honky ass I can! How be THIS...
My name is Bond, you Cracker! Laquesha, mutha ****in' BOND! You feelin' me, Guvna?
Somebody see if Haley Joel Osmet wants this part!

by atomiclunch
Get out my way, mother****er. I gotta get this crumb to the nest!
Zip it, ant! Don't make me step on you!
So, you got your ass handed to you by a colony of ants?
No, just the one.

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