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by JoeBlough
ragu4u meets rapper, Danielle Bregoli!
So what do YOU want, young lady?
I wantcha to cash me outside, how bout DAT?
Cashew? Are you a NUT? I prefer almonds, myself.
I didn't say cashew, you dumb mutha ****a...I said "Cash ME, outside. How bout dat"?
So how exactly does one cashew if not with nuts....inside OR outside?
I'm goin' back to see dat quack-****stick, Dr. Phil. Least he be able to talk my ****! Ya feelin' me bro?.

by JoeBlough
Need a lawyer? Come to "Avanetti & Garagos"!
Wow! Those are two high powered Celeb lawyers.
Just call us at 415-454-1460!
I just wonder if...
So d_bacon made the call....
Is this 415-454-1460, the Law Offices of "Avenetti & Garagos"?
You got the right number, but like I said...this is San Quentin Prison!

Holy cow, Scnookums... That has to be a twenty-three care pile-up!
There's blood and guts and brain matter and sinew and eyeballs and vacated bowels everywhere!
God, I'm horny... Let's go home and ****, Schnoklums!

Oh, crap... I know that look.
Hey, Maura... Before you start your shift on the robot line, maybe you should go use the restroom.
Or ****ing not.

Look, Maura... There's a huge crowd of women outside, looking to cash in on our big sale!
Maybe, you should go use the restroom now before I unlock the doors so that-

Looks like we're stranded out here in this hot desert, Dwayne!
There's a small town over there.
Over where?
At your six o'clock.
It's only noon... No wonder I can't see it!

by JoeBlough
Guess the excuse for us loosin' the last CC? I dare ya!
I'm almost afraid to ask but ok......why?
The excuse evil_d gave was, get this..."too new"!
Really? Which two knew? Lunch & Tripod? RCGL & JoeBlough?
No, no, no! NOT two knew; too new! Get it Rags baby??
NO! But what I DID get is that most of my old comics reappeared in the "ReadMyComics" forum. How bout dat?

by atomiclunch
Hey Violet, what say we go back to my place for a little-
Hey Vi! Wanna try out my latest *****s and me?
Hope you have fresh batteries, tiger!
Hey Charles, do you want to join me and Peppermint Patty for a threesome? Maybe a foursome, we haven't heard back from Franklin, yet.

by evil_d
You can repaint your house, but the new color has to be identical to the old one.
But nobody's made "Nixon Chartreuse" since the '70s. The closest I can find nowadays is "Trump Orange".
Yeah, that's identical enough.
You don't know what one of those words means.

by evil_d
I'd like to beautify my house by painting it.
Oh, no, you can't do that. It's already the correct color.
I see. And what if the paint were to become damaged?
Oh, then you'd have to beautify it, for sure. By painting it the exact same color.
You seem like the kind of person who listens to "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" and thinks "A little rhinoplasty would clear this problem right up."
Don't be silly. He should just paint his nose the correct color.

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