About the employees of a small video game company and their boss Scott Edmonton - a 13 y.o. sociopath. Characters: Scott Edmonton - the founder, the owner and the CEO, he is a sociopath with paralysed legs; Claire Edmonton - the financial director and Scott's mother and legal guardian; Angie - a programmer and a workaholic; Jill - does everything related to art and graphic design plus she is a real hippy; Tom and Tim - game testers; Jack - Scott’s only friend. He is racist, sexist, misogynistic and homophobic; Helen - Jack's girlfriend, lead guitarist in a band; Dr. James Kidman - Scott's psychiatrist and a good friend of his mother, Ph.D. in both psychiatry and psychology, professor of psychiatry in several universities, specializes in researching sociopathy.

by friendy
Thursday evening
Scott, I'm taking a day off tomorrow. It's Black Friday, you know.
Ok. Have a nice black weekend.
Black weekend???
Well, I believe every day is black when you're unemployed.

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