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Just so you know, since the last time we were together, I was diagnosed with HIV.
Are you taking your meds?
Yeah, and I'm undetectible.
I'm on PrEP and if we use protection with your undetectible status, there is a nearly zero chance of transmission.
Cool. Now if I could just get over this cold I'm fighting.
Get away.

Well, that worked out nicely.

Every year, I ask you what you want for Christmas and you say, "Nothing."
That's right.
You have to want something,
You can't find the things I need in a shopping mall.
Like World Peace?
No, a really good prostate orgasm.

Okay, before I prescribe you the Truvada, I want to go over the side effects.
It can cause kidney failure, severe liver problems, headaches, abdominal pain, bone thinning, lactic acidosis leading to death...
And weight loss...
Sign me up.

Well, here we are. Both single again.
At least we have each other.
It's too bad we're not sexually attracted to each other.
Are we old enough to settle?

I grew up Mormon.
So, if I ever meet your parents...
Will they be upset that I offered to put coffee in your mouth before my ****?

I accepted a job in a new city.
What are you going to do with your place?
I just put it on the market.
What about your boyfriend?
I put him on the market, too.

Your mother and I had one of each. Your sister is like me.
Because she's a Type-A control freak.
And you're like your mom.
Because I'm easy going.
I suppose, but you really love ****.

I'm a Gold Card Gay. I've never had sex with a woman.
I'm a Platinum Card Gay. My mom had a C-Section, so I've never even touched a vagina.
Rhodium Card?
Honey, I don't even eat tacos.

Dear Fag: I'm sorta into this guy, but I saw his nudes and he has a weird looking ****. What do I do?
Dear Sir or Madam...
Do you have eyes in your ass?

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