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by The_Real_Crunk
Man, what are we doing down here in this basement?
Searching for John Moras sense of humor. I hear it died in this very house and now it haunts the basement.
We've been here looking for hours. I dont think its here anymore. Maybe it finally made its way to hell where it belongs
Nah, its out there somewhere.
We've searched the entire earth and no sign of it anywhere. Now what?
Im begining to think it was never alive to begin with.

by The_Real_Crunk
Meanwhile at the Pavilion!
Man these comics everybodys making sure do suck ass!
I know. The least they could do is make some comics with class.
I know. Lets think of classy ideas for some classy comics!
Yes! Lets!
Several hours later~
Fuck it. I cant think of anything. Lets make like a banana and leave.
Yeah. Fuck it.

by cutterdeblanc
wow it sure is tough making something funny in only 3 frames
lol mind powerz

by cutterdeblanc
ha you missed demon!!!!!! oh my god what happened I transformed again
no i killd u -OMG WTF
uh oh

by highwind
Staffmaster seeks wisdom...
Almighty Goat! I've finally reached you!
I've searched long and hard to seek your wisdom! I have an important question to ask you that has been plaguing my soul.
Do you think this pink thing on my staff looks like a girl's woo woo?

by highwind
Master Slow Poke searchs for a friend...
Hello?? Valk?? Where are you??
i'm. down. here.
What're you doin' down in that sewer??
scaring. children.
Well, I brought you the three pounds of ground beef, duct tape, broken light bulbs, and carpet samples you asked for.
good. now go grab my go-kart and a stop watch and don't call an ambulance until you hear me say "optimus down! optimus down!"

by highwind
Bio Hunter trys to make amends...
Hey Fushigi, I wanna apologize.
Seriously, though. You're cool. I dig those hot chicks you draw.
Those are men.
Hey, my motto is: "Even if it looks shady, just pretend it's a lady."

by highwind
Elysion tunes in to watch a special Fox News Bulletin!
We have reports that tell us that Al Queda has built a giant robotic dinosaur with laser beam eyes! As a result, the country will invade the Moon.
Oh my God!
The U.S. will construct a giant robotic meteor to drop on the robotic dinosaur from the Moon!
Oh my Jesus!
Oh yeah, and the robotic dinosaur is located
Oh my Bush!!

by highwind
BigRickCook approaches a lady...
Hi I'm Rick. But you can call me......... "Big Rick Cook."
You're not so big. Hell, I'm taller than you...
He Swings!!!
I'm big where it counts, baby. :::wink:::
...uh huh...
...He Strikes Out
I'm talkin' about my PENIS!
...I'm late for a lesbian, uh, thing. Goodbye.

by highwind
A chance meeting in on the street...
Hey Jeremy LaCroix! It's me, Loki!! From the pavilion!!
I don't believe you! Show me some ID!!
Does it look like I carry ID? I don't have any fingers to hold ID, let alone pants to carry it!!
That's no excuse, "Loki." If that IS your real name...
Whatever man, I'm outta here.
Yeah, you just keep walkin' buddy.

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