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by choadwarrior
I'm confused.
The sedation is wearing off.
What happened?
I had to fill a few cavaties.
I came in for a tetanus shot.
You can clean up in the sink.

by evil_d
Hey man, can I come in? I don't have a bunch of dudes inside me or anything.
That's a really weird thing to mention.
What? No. I'm just saying, is all.
It's just, like, most people aren't full of dudes. It's assumed. You know? So why bring it up?
Hey man, I'm cool. That's all I'm saying. If I was bootlegging a bunch of Greek soldiers or whatever, I'd have to tell you. That's the law, right? So can I come in?
Alright, whatever.

by kaufman
The crime that has all of Middle Earth talking.
Stole my precioussssss
And still no arrests
How come, Chief Willoughby?

by choadwarrior
One of our faculty has been nominated for the Wang Award
I don't know what that that is, but I want that award...
It's not what you think.
...even if I can't display it on my bookshelf.
I happen to know the person it is named after.
Milton Berle?

Mr. Spock, you look perturbed. What happened?
I was trying to engage the Romulan Cloaca Device.
by kaufman, 2-07-18

by UnknownEric
Touch you once
Touch you twice
Won't let go at any price
Dammit, man, get your hand out of your pants!

by choadwarrior
Eureka! I've finally discovered a way to sex fossils.
How does it work?
Brace yourself.

by choadwarrior
Sooo...I just talked to God and He wants ritual circumcision for all the men.
Sounds fun! What is it?
We slice off the foreskin because He says it was a mistake what with all the funk wandering the desert causes up there.
Slice off. With a knife?
Unless you can think of something better.
Can we just wash our ****s?

by evil_d
I had the largest audience ever to witness an inauguration, period.
You tell 'em Donald. Those aerial photographs were obviously doctored.
45.6 million people watched my State of the Union speech. The highest number in history!
And who wouldn't tune in, just to hear the sound of your melodious voice?
When I was ****ing that porn star, I gave her the most orgasms. No porn star has ever had so many orgasms, believe me.
Love 'em and leave 'em, that's what we religious conservatives say.

by kaufman
Who's the dead guy?
Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA
Uh, why's he just lying on the floor?
Nobody can find an allen wrench to assemble his Snoorgenheimel casket.

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