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This is Clyde Washington, a.k.a. the Big Black Ninja Cock Wrestler.
No, he doesn't wrestle large African-American *****es that are also ninjas.
He just happens to be black and a ninja and likes to wrestle big ****s a.k.a. roosters.
Can we get this over with? I have a Roast to attend. Apparently, I'm the guest of honor.
Hold on... I'm trying to decide if I should attack your wings first or your drumsticks, uh, I mean, legs.

Holy ****, Chen... Did your wife kick your ass AGAIN??
No... I was in the hallway, wrestling with the security crab. AGAIN. Apparently, some-one has secretly changed the password. AGAIN.
That's so ironic. I've also been wrestling...
With what?
My conscience... You see, I'm the one who's been secretly changing the password so the security crab will keep handing you your ass to you! HAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHA
I'd break your fingers if you had any, you ****ing stump-****!

by mandingo
i know we're moving pretty fast but do you think it's possible to just KNOW?
your subconscious, your cells, your genes, whatever, just KNOWS. just realizes you've found the one?
what? oh, sweety, i'm sorry, were you talking to me? i tend to stop listening after they put out.

What are you doing?
Trying to wipe this cat **** of yours I just stepped in on the cartoon panel wall...
But, if you do that, you'll make this comic stink!
What else is new, Captain Obvious?
I think you have me confused with one of the other running characters in this strip... I'm the stupid ****ing-
Holy crap, this is grossing me out! EVER THOUGHT OF USING A LITTER BOX, YOU STUPID FUCKING CAT???

I think you've been living in that can way too long!
How do you figure, needle-****?
Because there's a three-foot shrub growing out of it!
Actually, I've only been in this can for three days... I just happen to poop some super potent ****, and, well, that's as far as I'm willing to take this conversation.

Whoa, whoa... Slow down, turbo. I'm not a contest-ant, I'm just here for the excellent crab salad they serve in the concession stand.
What's your point, buckethead?
I can wait.

So, I says, "My what BIG gravitons you've got there, mister!"
This saddle's for mah horse.
Please, close your mouth.

Mmmmm... Whatever you just shot into my mouth was awfully tasty! What do you call that?
In my language, we call it, "meeple morp boop-boop", which translate into English as, "space spooge'.
WTF??? I just gulped down a big load of your space spooge???? Does that make me gay or something???
In today's culture, does it really matter?
You're right... Hit me again, E.T.!

Maura gets visited by the Greek Philosopher of Intimate Hook-ups...
You see, Maura... The key to social media is being outgoing, yet slightly aloof.
Aloof. Got it.
Don't act desperate... When you put your profile up on Tinder, you may not get a lot of replies at first.
So, how can I not act desperate if I'm not getting any replies?
Just act the opposite of four_legged_tripod hosting a comic contest.
That makes it so clear to me now!

What do you think?
You've made my eyes HUGE, Captain Obvious... The chicks are gonna dig me!
You're welcome.
So, how long will this last?
They'll stay that way for about seven days.
Ah, ****... Don't tell me I'll have to come in for more of your "super spooge" money-shot to the eyes on a weekly basis!

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