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Meanwhile, back at Planet Burke-Williams Day Spa WTF...
Are you okay, Mr. Sprecklebottom?
Yes... Why?
Well, you've been in this sauna for over six hours and I was getting a little worried.
Are my scales getting even more scalier?
No, but your hat shrunk.

I really need to take a ****...
...but I'm afraid if I sit on one of these dirty toilets, some-thing disgusting might go up my ass!
Like that's never happened before!
Who said that?

We now look in on Planet If-It-Made-brycekain-Laugh-Once-It-Should-Make-Him-Laugh-Again WTF already in progress...
See how well he thrusts?
In, out, in, out... Butt cheeks tighten right before ejaculation and then SPOOOOGE!! It's Miller time, baybay!
Does Farmer John usually boink his wife out in the open like this?
What day is it?

With Lunesta® Ted® on yet another drug-induced sleep bender...
...which has lasted for twenty-three days and counting...
...Tweety was forced to gnaw his way out of his cage or face certain death through starvation!

When Death came to John Rocker's door, he granted John Rocker one last wish before taking him to the other side...
In my time of dying, I want no one to moan... ♫
What was John Rocker's wish? To play Led Zeppelin's "In My Time of Dying". The live version. Where Jimmy Page goes on a twenty minute solo halfway through the song.
All I want for you to do is take my body.........home. ♫
This will take a while.
Well, well, well... So, I can die easy ♫
Dammit, I'm going to miss that mass murder/suicide at three-thirty!

In today's world, humans still put up fences for protection...
...even though the threat of being attacked by larger species has long gone.
The reason humans still put fences up today is to protect themselves from other humans.
If, I take this down, do you promise to behave?

Here's a math question for you...
If, two Asian hookers meet up with five Iranian hookers, and three of them are taken out by a random drive-by shooting, what will a Slippery Mexican cost me?
I charge $20.

Say, Crabby... Is that the same baby you've had in your arms for 13 years?
Who said this is a baby?
Well, five_legged_camera_stand just did a whole series on how you've had the same baby in your arms since your avatar was created.
Again, who said this is a baby?
Are you saying it's not a baby?
It's a bomb. And, I'm a sleeper agent for al Qaeda. And, when I'm activated, I will blow up this infidel site and take every-one to hell with me! LALALALALALALA LALALALALALALA LALALALALALA...

I know everyone wants to get on Coach Carroll's case for not calling a running play, but remember, we were six yards from the endzone...
Actually, you were only one yard from the endzone.
One yard?
@%#$ #$%@ %$@%# %#$@% %@$# $#%@ %$@#&#$% @$#% %#&@ &@$# %#$@ %@$# &#@# @%#$ $%#@ @#$% @$#% %@$ %@$ @@$#% @!!!!!
May I quote you? Sans expletives, of course.

As you know, dinosaurs and humans were seperated by millions of years...
...and thank God for that...
...because if the two species had lived during the same time, one of the species would have to put up walls just to survive!
If, I take it down, do you promise to behave?

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