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At the monthly P.W.S.A.A. (People With Stumps Association of America)...
When dey gonna serve da buffet?
You only have one stump!
What's your point, you little ****?
This is a meeting for people with STUMPS, not stump!

Honey, I was wondering if-
-we could go buy a regular yule log at the store instead of you ****ting one out every Christmas?

So, you're saying that the same people who recently started following RCLG also just started following ragu4u?
That kinda dillutes RCLG's rating, doesn't it?
Pretty much.

Hi, Captian Obvious!
Oh, hi, Mr. Dolphin! Say, shouldn't you be in the ocean?
Yes, but I decided I want to evolve... I want to be a land animal. So, I swam up the sewer pipes and popped out of one of these toilets!
So, you being here is no accident?
Nope... I did this on "porpoise"! HAHAHAHAHAHA Get it?

by choadwarrior
I can't believe he took the middle urinal. That goes against all convention.
Thank God somebody else is here!
Left and right?
Left and right!
Let's do this.

by choadwarrior
I'm A31, what number are you?
I'm A32
And 33
And 34

Mr. Happy goes apartment shopping in the Upper Eastside...
So, this is a basement studio apartment..?
Cool... How much is the rent?
Is that for the year?

I pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray...
...PRAY you remembered to bring the lubricant tonight!

by choadwarrior
Did you read about all the child porn investigators found at Michael Jackson's home?
I always knew he was guilty, but I still like his music.
What about Roman Polanski? Woody Allen? Bill Cosby? Mel Gibson? O.J. Simpson?
All flawed people who had a lot of talent.
How can you still appreciate those *******s knowing what they did?
Thrift stores are full of ****ty art made by nice people.

by choadwarrior
Where the **** is the coffee?
I just made a pot, Mr. Potty Mouth.
Thanks, *******.

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