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I normally like to do this in my office with X-rays...
Just tell me what you think, doc!
It appears your spine is straight... No sign of scoliosis at all.
Now, can you help me put my skin back on?

Look at all those stacks... They seem to go on for miles!
They say you can tell a man's import-ance by the amount of paper he uses.
Ever thought about going paperless so as to not kill so many trees, *******?
Who said that?

by choadwarrior
Mr. White, it's unfair that I write the most in-depth investigative stories, yet I only earn 73% of what Clark Kent makes.
Nobody is reading your self-indulgent pieces about your adventures with Superman.
I can't help it if I kept getting rescued by the Man of Steel every time I report on a super villain attack on Metropolis.
Clark gets more clicks.
People really want to know, "Top Ten Things You Don't Know About Bizarro World?"
"You'll Never Guess What Lex Luthor Looked Like With Hair" was our top story last week.

We now look in on Planet Phreaky WTF*...
So, Phreaky... Ever thought about being a hooker? You could make a lot of money!
Getting paid for sex? No way... I mean, "why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free?"
In this case, you'd be the cow. Giving away the milk for free.
*The W stands for "want"
The milk is a loss leader. I more than make up for it with what I charge for my cheese!

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
I don't know... What are you thinking?
I'm thinking by the taste of my finger, that the dog needs more kibble and less bits in his diet.
Well, that's not what I'm thinking...
Then, what are you thinking?
I'm thinking that it's rather odd that you stuck the same finger you had up the dog's rectum into your mouth.

Wow... That was close! The Vaporizer almost vaporized us with his death ray!
Thank God he missed, right, Superkid?

You should feel the frame wall... It's really soft and pliable!
Just don't push too hard.

Give up the *****, Holly, or I will be forced to shoot your ass!
Not if I stick my big toe in the barrel of your gun!
If, you're think the gun will blow up in my hand, you are dead wrong. This is .44 magnum and it will blow your foot clean off!
Yeah, but do you then want to have sex with a girl with only one foot? Hmmmmm????
Actually, the challenge would be to orgasm before you bleed out!

Planet P'shaw-As-IF....
Have you heard about the challenge brycekain put out on RCLG?
Who? micelame?
No, brycekain,

A take off on a scene from Caddyshack...
Did you kill all the gofers?
Yes... Wait. GOFERS??
I thought you said GOLFERS!!
But, you will take care of the gofers, right?
After lunch.

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