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by grabbingsand
Hello! Thank you for calling the Internation Helpdesk! My name is Unimportant! How can I help you?
Jais. Joo can help me! Jais! My web! She no work! See? Jais! Wheen I cleeeeeck on zee leeenk, she no work! You know what I am saying? Zee leeenk?!?
I see. A problem with a link. Can I have your last name and ... ?
The leeeenk! I cannot do my work! You see it?!? When I cleeeek zeeee leeeeeenk!!! Zee leeeeenk!!!
Cleeeeeeeek!!!! Cleeeeeeeek!!!! Cleeeeeeeek!!!! Cleeeeeeeek!!!! Cleeeeeeeek!!!! Cleeeeeeeek!!!! Cleeeeeeeek!!!!

by grabbingsand
I hate to disappoint anyone, I really do. I hope they understand.
Says here that you're leaving. What a shame. What an incredible shame.
Oh, no. He's taking it personally. I hope he realizes that I ...
You've done so much for us and I frankly don't know what we'll do here without you. Who could possibly ever replace you ... erm ... um ... heh ...
Well, darn it, what is your name again?

by davinciclone
Lord God, hear my prayer...
Put me beyond the petty concerns of Man, place me outside the cares of frail humanity...
You got it.
Ah, ****. I need an oil change.
Careful what you wish for, *******.

by davinciclone
9-14-03 i told her i couldn't see her anymore and that i have to have some time for myself...
...i even told her that it wasn't me, it was definitely her and that she was driving me nuts. know, you're a wonderful listener. thanks for that, you don't know how much it means.
yeah, well, speaking of nuts, make with some, *******.

by davinciclone
And the Lord said:
I am the Lord thy God, and I say unto thee: thou shalt not spanketh.
What, like, at all? Not even a little?
No, not at all. This I command.
That's just plain stupid. I don't need some dude nailed to sticks telling me not to spank it. We earthbound types need to spank it.
And so...
Spanking or non-spanking?
What the **** do you think, smartass?

by davinciclone
You are not your ****ing khakis, blah blah blah...
You are not the contents of your wallet, you're not how much money you have in the bank, blah, blah...
I may not be all those things, but you're lunch.

by nickgard
The secret of the world's longest Pushme-Pullyu was soon discovered

by grabbingsand
i cannot sleep now. there was something i meant to do today. i woke up with an idea. throughout the day, it developed. and now i cannot remember.
there was something momentous on my mental agenda this morning, and i cannot consider this day truly finished without plumbing the depths of my psyche until i find it.
something philosophical? metaphorical? political? spiritual? psychological? meteorological? mystical? magical? pivotal?
hey... did you pick up my dry cleaning?

by Reidy
Is that new math?
yeah, i did away with the old. it bothered me too much.
I like the retro feel of old math. You just don't get that warmth and energy with new math.
i like the fact that with the new math, it's more portable. and you skip to pretty any equation or formula with the press of a button. you just don't have that kinda convenience with the old math.
Yeah, but that convenience is killing the true spirit of math. Sure, it's not as accurate, but man, does it ever CALCULATE!! It caculates SO HARD!!
i don't buy that whole old math purist thing. i mean, you have to have the right mathematician doing exactly the right math problem to really achieve that so-called old math superiority.
Whatever. You get a great, old mathematician in a dark, seedy math club reciting the times tables, and it sends chills up and down your spine. Try getting that with your fancy algorithms.

by Reidy
once there was a man.
who got all up in it. and got himself a little scratchin' problem.
moral of the story: you gotta wrap that rascal.

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