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by ComedyGeek
How the world seems to me
I'm going to destroy you no matter what it takes, Corporate Satan!
Really? Even if you have to.....
Well um... I've never really.. been um... good with numbers...
And this is why I will rule the world FOREVER!

by ComedyGeek
Don't order the Tabbuleh Rasa. It's just an empty plate.
That's still better than what I got.
Oh yeah? What did you get?
I got the Feta Complit.
They told me I already ate it.

by AngryAmerican
Whoa, whoa, whoa, dere Mr. I'mma Cat. I don't expect a dumb**** dog like youse to understand dis, but no matter what ya tink, you're a dog.
Yeah, ****-breath. Youse a doggy, see? Ain't no kittiness abouts you no-ways, ya git.
Seriously, I'm a cat trapped in a dog's body. I groom myself 4 hours a day, sleep another 15 and climb all over my human the other 5, disruptig its sleep pattern.
Between youse and mes, dat sounds pretty felink if youse knows what I means.
Ayyyhhhh...I don't know, Mittens. I's can't get past dem dangly-ass balls, all akimbo and ****. Like, youse knows..wear a tie or sumfin. for ****sakes.

by AngryAmerican
I love being offended by something. Whenever I can wake up and choose something to be offended by, I know it's gonna be a great day.
Oh my God! Me Too! Recreational Outrage is totally my new favorite thing! I feel so indignant yet righteous, all at the same time!!
It's like cathartic to troll Facebook and look for things that enrage me. Like objectionable views give me an endorphin dump or something!
Like totally! The other day I commented about how like all those guys who stormed some beach were probably all racists and deserved to die anyway.
OMG! Yesterday I posted that women should just stab Pro-Life guys in the balls so they can't make more little brainwashed Pro-Lifers!

by AngryAmerican
Hey pal, dis part of the yard is fer cats only. Now scram, ya mug.
Yeah dat's right, dis is our part of the yard. Youse better beat it, Sally.
But I self identify as a cat.
The continued anthropomorphication of domesticated animal species is getting out of hand.
Is dis ****in mook loopy or what?

by AngryAmerican
Hey coach! You amember when you told me not to **** cats?
Yes son, I most certainly do. And the fact that you're bringing it up makes me nervous about your next words.
I stuck my weiner in the cat last night. It got real mad and clawed me til I stopped.
Is that all?
No sir. It came back when I was sleepin and **** on my chest.
Remember when I was trying to explain the concept of Karma to you? The talk we need to have about beastiality aside, that was a perfect example.

by AngryAmerican
All right, what's so important you can't talk about it over the phone?
I just scammed some old ***** out of her life savings, bro! Drinks are on me tonight!
Whoa dude. Karma's a *****, man. Is that really how you want to go through life, ripping off old people?
If it pays for my weed and Mustang, and they're stupid enough to fall for it, you're damn right it is.
I don't know man. Karma's a *****...
What the **** does a stripper have to do with this?

by AngryAmerican
"I understand some people were upset with my choice of words when someone recorded me saying 'Grab em by the Pussy', a term which by the way I have since trademarked.
Bearing that in mind, I'd like to offer some non trademarked alternatives. Things like: Cuff Their Muff, Snag Em By The Quim, Grapple Her Brat Chute, Hook Some Cooter, Snaggum By The Snizz...
...Great, huh? Or you could go with Grip Em By The Lips, Grasp Their Nay-Nay, Grope Dat Puss-Say or even, and I'm just throwing this out there, Caressing Their Vulvas Lovingly. Like a Boss.

by ComedyGeek
Come on, at least look at me!
Not till you apoligize for what you said.
I told you, that's the bigg4est compliment a plant can give an animal!
I don't care. It was weird and gross.
*sigh* Okay, I'm sorry I said I wanted to fertilize myself witbh your poop.
THANK YOU. But still, ewww.

by mandingo
their relationship started on somewhat, shall we say... tenuous footing
hey, stop that kid, he's stealing my bike!
but as they grew they found in each other not only a best friend, but comfort in knowing they weren't the only one different from the other boys...
i feel things about you i don't think i'm supposed to
if it's love, how can it be wrong?
until one day, many years later, after society had finally caught up with what they'd known since they were boys, they declared their love to each other...
i do take this man to be my lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and health, as long as we both shall live.
and i do... CALL NO HOMO!... BAHAHAHAHAH!!! all the ****sucking, all the anal?? all a ruse! i'm not even bi!! THAT'S FOR MY HUFFY RANGLER, BITCH!!!

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