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by MikeyG
It wasn't cum, it was snot.

by MikeyG
Hey, man! Long time, no see. God, i don't remember you being this ugly.
Fuck you, man.
Awww, don't be so testy. Just because you have micro***** doesn't give you the right to take it out on everyone.
Your mom didn't complain when I was banging the everloving **** out of her last night.
My mom died last year, man.
That would explain the smell.

by MikeyG
So, do you think we keep doing this because of familiarity, or that we just don't find anyone else attractive?
Or do you think we keep having sex with each other because we're so self-possessed its like banging ourselves?
I dunno. I just really like the way you take it in the face.

by niteowl
Those damn Mexicans! So sick of them comin' over here and stealin' our jobs!
And our wimmins!
And our booze!
And our food--hey man, I'm gettin' hungry. Let's go get dinner.
From where?
Taco Bell.

by niteowl
Alrighty. So how's that non-smoking thing going?
Fucking fantastic. I've been discovering all kinds of new uses for my lighter.

Yes, but can you count to 18?
by niteowl, 5-30-08

by niteowl
Remember the good ol' days when we would get stoned and talk about changing the world?
Don't even think about digging out that old protest sign. It's time for your Metamucil.

by niteowl
Remember that one time when RCLG didn't make some smartassed remark about who was deserving of a CC win and who wasn't?

by niteowl

by niteowl
Who can tell me what hideous diseases infect this horrible sexual deviant, class?
I'm kidding. Our good friend Timmy is up here because he didn't bother to study for our last test and got a D minus. Take your seat, you little worm.
Susie, you're up next. I'm going to go change into my Grim Reaper costume and then we'll share YOUR grade with the rest of the class!

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