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by DBoba
What are you doing?
I'm hanging up this poster
What does it say
It explains how white people can become black people's allies by learning how to shut up and not whitesplain everything
Oh so fighting a civil war and freeing their ancestors and passing civil right legislation apparently wasn't enough?
guess not...

by kaufman
Doctor, did I see you treating Mary Poppins this morning?
Yes, that was her. In the flesh!
You're kidding. What was wrong with her?
All sorts of things. Abdominal pain, shortness of breath, dryness, nausea, sliding up banisters, continually needing to pee, ...
Were you able to diagnose her?
Yes. It's supercalifragilisticketoacidosis!

by DBoba
What the hell is your major malfunction SOY BOY NARRATOR?
YEAH! Stop you're whinin' - there's no WHIMPERIN' around here...
So Khan...Joe Biden says that if we are confused about who we might be voting for "we ain't black"
That's a pretty sharp guy right there huh Chan....I'm pretty sure I ain't black!
I the summer when you lay out in your egg noodle thong you get pretty black!

Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay!
My six-feet social-distancing electro-shock force-field really works!
Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay!
Feel the burn, *****!
Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay!

Dammit, I can't get past the super-goblin!
A2 up, then B1 left, moron!
You're an ofice plant... What do you know?
Okay, A2 up, then B1 left and... Wait. WTF?? The screen went blue! AAAAAAAAAAA!!!
That'll teach for listening to an office plant! MORON!!

by DBoba
what the hell you talkin' about as black as the ace of spades!
But MAMA Joe Biden says I am NOT REALLY BLACK if I vote for TRUMP!

by DBoba
Hey..sorry but we don't psychoanalyze cats...
Why the **** not?
..because cats are aloof, discreet, shady, secretive and illusive can't get inside their heads...
That's the biggest bunch of bull**** I have ever heard?
Oh yeah...well here's a test question for you then....who unrolled all the toilet paper this morning...
The ****ing dog did that ****..not me....

by DBoba
I am surprised you showed up!
...I came for my free therapy session!!!'s the deal with the ball balancing act...?
Hmm...I thought you would be more interested in my doggie underwear...
...I already know that symbolizes your infantile brain degression...that's already been recorded in your file....what's throwing me is the ball balancing....

by kaufman
We are the essential workers risking our health to keep you alive during this COVID-19 outbreak.
We are the hospital workers, grocery store workers, drivers, restaurant workers, public safety officers, everyone needed to keep society working.
Unfortunately, there just isn't enough PPE to protect us. They can't give us a bunch of N-95 masks.
It really sucks, doesn't it? We do this critical work, and there is no equipment to keep us safe.
So instead, we've been wearing these masks, and it turns out they're even more effective.
Because who in their right mind would want to get within six feet of any of us?

by DBoba
Hey Dad....what's a Gal Gay Dot?
Hmmm....let's Google that....
Why did you put the word "NUDE" after it?
Because we can make this one of those DAD SON TALK moments...
So..what did you find...
Leave the room son, and throw me that box of kleenex over there! This is a real tragic story. I don't want to tell you, it will traumatize your young psyche too much!

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