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Someone called about a fire?
That was me... I put on way too much after shave and then tried lighting a cigaretted with an open flame on the stove and UP I WENT!!!
Fourtunately, I was able to drop-and-roll the fire out before it did any real damage to me!
But... You have no skin!
Oh, I lost that at work last week... I mistakenly jumped into a vat of acid thinking someone had installed a brand new jacuzzi in the middle of the warehouse.

Why did I agree to let this alien move in with me?
Not only is he a messy roommate, but he's always ****ing my cat, and he eats all my food when I'm away on business!
I should have handed this monkey-looking burn victim over the the authorities when he landed!
You know I can hear your thoughts, dipwad!

Next on TruTV: Blind Cop Justice...
That's when her brother threatened to kick my ass for scratching his new corvette.
And, then what happened?
I yelled, "I'LL SHOW YOU SCRATCHES!" and dropped a box of ornery kittens on his head.
I'm going to have to arrest you for doing that, sir.
And, I'll have to beat you with my nighstick for that one, *******!

Why do you think the latest comic contest isn't doing too well?
Let's face it... The other strippers on this website pale in comparison to the pure geniusness of RCLG's creativity and humor when it comes to the random comic layout!
I just peed myself laughing so hard!
I just icicled myself!

What's that big star in the northern sky, Butch?
According this, Ethan, it's not a star... It's actually the planet Venus.
Say, are you just making that up because the Venus de Milo statue has no arms and you're playing me for a fool?

I'm not too sure about this...
It'll be fine... I hear these natives are friendly.
In fact, VERY friendly.
They wouldn't happen to be the Cocksucking Watoozi tribe I read about in that pamphlet at the hotel, would they?
There's only one wonderful way to find out!

♫ ♫ I'm singing in the acid rain... Just singing in the acid rain... ♫ ♫
♫ ♫ What a glorious burning feelin' ♫ ♫
♫ ♫ I'll never see my three layers of dermis again ♫ ♫

Wow, grandpa... The cops beat the **** out of the African-American!
Niggers gotta learn, Susie!
That's pretty racist, grandpa.
It is?
Everyone knows ******s can't learn!
I've taught you well, Susie!

Okay, you got me here... Now what?
We wait!
For what?
Halloween, silly!
That's like five months away!
I know! Can't you feel the excitement???

I love drinking a cup of my World's Famous Coffee in this room when the sun shines through the window just right...
If, my arms weren't so short, I'd masturbate to it until I came five, nay, ten times!

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