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by kaufman
See you later.
Bye. Last one to leave the site, turn out the lights.
Hey, how are you doing? What have you been up to all these years?
Getting a haircut and a beard trim. It was a lot of work for them.

by KajunFirefly
Where the **** have you been, you used to be on this site every day?
I started getting regular sex so I didn't have time for this place any more.
You're back now though?
Congratulations on the wedding.

by andydougan
Why is it unacceptable to play Gary Glitter songs, but Michael Jackson ones are still okay?
That reminds me of this strip:
Fuck, that was more than a decade ago. And what have I achieved in that time?
Are we supposed to act like we're not quite sure he was a boy toucher?
But on the plus side, the next ten years will be much worse.

Listen. Jael. Many years ago, this comic strip would have involved a series of poorly written attempts by me to get you into that bed.
However having grown older, and wiser, I now realise that I value you as a friend, a fellow forum user, and a respected comic creator.
Waiting for a punchline?
I want you to take me over there and do me like a roofied Cheerleader.

Compton to Base. Come in Base.
Yes Base, the cat has been rescued.
But you're gonna need a stronger vacuum to get the hamster out of his ass.

Ok. So the victim was found beheaded and with 53 volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica forced down their throat.
According to this note, there are 54 volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica.
There are two openings big enough for that kind of book.
And we already checked one out thoroughly.
So are you editing that note as we speak, or getting your camera phone out for when I tell Forensics what they're doing next?
Just checking the battery is charged.

Hi, Im Neal from "When I Grow Up", and Im here to demonstrate to you "Racism on the Internet"
In this Panel, Im going to use the word "Nigger" and its going to be acceptable because I am a black character.
And in this panel, Im going to use the word "Nigger" and its going to be unacceptably racist, because your just realised the writer is white.

Holy Shit. I did it. I goddamn, ****ing did it.
I am the first black man ever to graduate from Stripcreator University without making a joke about Watermelons or Fried Chicken.
And ....
And I just ****ed the whole thing up there before collecting my Diploma, didnt I.
You just went from "Kaufman" to "Boinky33" in a single panel.

by crabby
I was banned for awhile, then I was unbanned. Boinky33 can never say that. I got into fights with people and saw people go insane.
I found the kaenash kiddie porn site. What a weirdo he was. I remember another guy went crazy on me because I besmirched the good name of Steve Irwin.
I love you Stripcreator. I really do. I will always come back to you, but it will never be like it was. Good night, old friend. Sweet dreams.

by crabby
I would have never gotten my college degree if jes_lawson wasn;t around to do my homework in the chat room as often as he was. Those were magical times. So many people would be in the chat.
I had a lot of great chats with Choad, I would log on every night just for his words of wisdom.
And for him to call me manly. Fuck, I miss those chat room adventures. hdb!

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