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by kaufman
Do you have any fours?
Go Fish!

by biped
I've decided to try this new thing. It's called "Stripcreator."
"Stripcreator"? What do you do with it?
You create your own strips.
Create your own strips? Strips of what? Bacon?

by UnknownEric
shoots off own foot

by UnknownEric
Gonna make some sweet brown / flush it down
I got the night ****s.
(ohhhh, got the night ****s)

by evil_d
Tee hee! I said something you're not supposed to say! Are you going to ban me?
I've never banned anyone for being offensive before. Why would I start now?
But don't you wish you could?
"Could"? I already can. I just don't.
What's a guy gotta do to get a spanking around here?

by arbi
during the night chrom crashed and reverted to februar yso i'm logged in again.
oh thisi is firefox. that exllains a lot.
so my task will be to9 uda6te y adentures.
i'm still in bed. keyboard still broken.

I have a steady boyfriend but I need **** now!
Call Unknown Eric! 877-COCK-NOW!
by UnknownEric, 5-10-19

Can I help you find anything?
I'm looking for dryer balls.
You're not going to get them from me, honey.

by choadwarrior
Okay, okay, I'm going to need a volunteer to come up. You sir--the one who hasn't laughed all night--I'm telling you to come up and I'll keep badgering you until you do.
We're going to re-enact a memorable day you had at work. Do you have one of those?
One morning, I woke up to find out that one of my students committed suicide-by-cop in the parking lot of our school.
Run with that, Mr. Funny Man.

Just so you know, since the last time we were together, I was diagnosed with HIV.
Are you taking your meds?
Yeah, and I'm undetectible.
I'm on PrEP and if we use protection with your undetectible status, there is a nearly zero chance of transmission.
Cool. Now if I could just get over this cold I'm fighting.
Get away.

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