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by Ranger77
Today, our "President" ordered the front of a church cleared of peaceful protesters for a staged photo op holding a Bible.
He also indicated an intent to use the Insurrection Act to subvert Title 10 and deploy US Military forces against US citizens.
Sorry. There are no jokes tonight.
And also, there are no words...

by Ranger77
Mike is kidding, of course. He loves me. He identifies as "They" ever since I got him fixed.
Of course I'm sensitive to the fact promoting myself might seem to some to be opportunistic, but by increasing my marketing outreach I am supporting my Black brothers and sisters.
Nice. Tell them how offering a #BlackLivesMatters discount to your Premium Snapchat 'helps' people of color.
I think we are done here. Can we cut transmission?
I think folks would also be interested in that BBC/Plantation custom you did for that weird white guy in Memphis back in 2018. And I'm NOT talking about the British Broadcasting Company. Crazy *****.

by Ranger77
Hello again. I'm blocking Ranger's World to talk about more recent critical events. We should all stand up to racism and injustice. This is my cat, Mike.
I was at the protests this weekend. I took multiple selfies of myself to promote my Patreon, my YouTube Channel and my career as a social activist and influencer.
This is how I support the Black community. I'm woke as ****.
You are crazy as ****. Now feed me you privileged *****. That can albacore isn't going to open itself.

by Ranger77
Fucking. Posers. That's what they are.
Mom, you really have to accept that times have changed since you were in porn. And with the 'Rona people are just finding ways to make money.
Call us what you want but most of us put ourselves out there and were professionals. Not some frickin Karen getting paid for wiggling her toes.
You did a video in 1998 called "Dat Booty, Dat Ho."
It was a masterpiece of raw, untamed erotica if I recall correctly.
I recall it was just you, two guys and a mattress in an empty studio apartment in LA with alot of grunting.

by Ranger77
...what I'm saying is this whole "Karen" business has sexist overtones. I'm offended by the way this story is going.
The whole "Karen" concept is born out of a patriarchial lie that a privileged but WOKE sex worker, social media influencer and activist like myself can be criticized. We cannot.
You are a FUCKED kind of special aren't you.
So hateful. If you were a black man, I'd so call the Po-Po on you.

by kaufman
Doctor, did I see you treating Mary Poppins this morning?
Yes, that was her. In the flesh!
You're kidding. What was wrong with her?
All sorts of things. Abdominal pain, shortness of breath, dryness, nausea, sliding up banisters, continually needing to pee, ...
Were you able to diagnose her?
Yes. It's supercalifragilisticketoacidosis!

by Ranger77
What the FUCK, dude!? Like. where were you guys??
Sorry brother. Holiday weekend. We had **** to do.
Wait a minute, you gave me all this **** about Constitutional rights, religious freedom and the pursuit of ***** and like, you just abandon me??
Look it's all about timing. Now wasn't good time. I had to get a haircut and hang out in my cottage in Northern Michigan. Holiday weekend, brother.
What about, like, the middle aged patriot chicks??
Chuck. My dude. These chicks don't move too fast. This weekend they're binge watching Real Housewives. Next weekend: flags, guns, and punnany. Trust me.

by Ranger77
Chuck got...confused.
You act like that's something that doesn't happen often.
Someone talked him into participating at a protest at the State Capitol today.
Umm...I didn't think there was a protest today.
He got his dates mixed up. He was the only one there with a Confederate flag, a water pistol, and a Karaoke machine.
"Is This Love" most likely. That and QAnon fan fiction are guaranteed to make a Susan moist. So they tell me.

by Ranger77
I'm sorry dude...what?
I said y'all is going about this all wrong. FIGHT them *****es. Get yourself a gun, one of these here flags and protest at the STATE CAPITOL!
That's not, like, my thing.
Do you know how many horny, bored middle aged PATRIOTIC women show up to these things?
Like, "Susans!?!"
Hell yeah...and they love God, the Constitution, FREAKY sex and Fireball! Not necessarily in that order...

by Ranger77
Y'know that wasn't funny even back in 2007...
Your problem is that you-HOO have always thought the legal protections set up to protect the common man are subject to ridicule.
Have you read the last few comics in this arc?
"Mine is not to question why, mine is to do and LIE." That's copyrighted, by the way. You can use that quote and others for $10 a month. I take Paypal...

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