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by Ranger77
You just have to meet Stan! Hey's it going!
What is that supposed to mean? I don't like your tone. Sounds judgmental and I may need time in my safe space to recover.
Stan is our subject matter expert in Extreme Left culture. He comes in handy when we get callers who claim we are insensitive!
Balyji has a picture of his "pet" dog on his cubicle wall. That offends me. And what the I smell BACON? This is a meat free zone!!
Having someone trained in SJW studies and outrage culture is critical to our mission and our success!
You know how many animals died for that BLT *******?!?

by Ranger77
The Ranger's World Global Call Center is staffed by highly trained professionals! Let's meet some! Hi Sam! How's it going!
Beta cucks!
Sam is our Alt-Right Specialist. We bring him in when we get callers who accuse the strip of being too liberal.
Fucking buttholes wanted to play Fallout 76 on break. What the FUCK. CoD 4. Red Dead. Hel-lo? Fortnite ***s can suck my **** too. Gay ass ***** *****es.
Sam received his 4chan certification a few months ago. He's never been laid! We are so proud of him!
Fuck...I need to change the badass obscure anime pic on my Twitter profile before I post about THIS bull****!

by Ranger77
Howdy! Glad you could stop by!
We here at the Ranger's World Global Call Center are dedicated to responsible, friendly customer service!
Everyday we field thousands of calls: complaints, comments and questions!
That's right and working with the general public is exactly how you think it would be!
It sucks balls!
I'm so jacked on Molly I haven't blinked in three weeks!


We now return to Planet Cock-*BURP*-Yay! WTF...
Cock, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****...
...****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****-

Wow... My girlfriend took off like a shot!
Of course... Once the test results came back that she has third-stage vaginal herpes!
I wonder from whom she contracted it?
Which brings us to your results!

Christmas is just around the corner, Jon Boy!
Please, don't call me Jon Boy.
Don't be so sensitive, Jon Boy!
Stop calling me Jon Boy.
Okay. I'll stop calling you Jon Boy, and start calling you Hairy Vagina Face!
Believe it or not, I actually prefer that to Jon Boy.

You want me to cut off what?
My deceased husband's *****.
With my axe?
Just how big is it?
Let's just say I used to "reverse cowboy" my hus-band standing up!

You really ARE a butt pirate!
Would you be having rubbing alcohol so I can sanitize me hook?
Sure... I'll go get it when my sphincter clots!

by edoggydog
Baby, it's cold outside...
You really can't stay!
But, I'll freeze to death!

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