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by bigworm
What's so good about cows anyway?
Did you ever fist one?

by atomiclunch
Ba-by Shark doo doo do doodoodoo Ba-by Shark doo doo do doodoodoo Ba-by Shark doo doo do doodoodoo Baby
Safe at last doo doo do doodoodoo...
Seriously? Even 'Lunch can kick your ass? What kind of puss ARE you, anyway?

by ZMannZilla
Shiver me timbers Cap'n Porkman! We've been keelhauled by yon ship and sent to Davy Jones' locker!
Well Porkman can think of one Carnival Cruise that be getting one-star Yelp review!
Tis a damnable thing, Cap'n! Yon skallywags commit such treason on the high seas!
Does the Finchy really need to keep talking like an
old-timey alcoholic sea hobo?!
Aye! By Poseidon's left bollock, 'tis the pirate code!
Starting to think "pirate code" is Finchy code for "butt-funneled too many complimentary rum drinks"

by atomiclunch
Too many Milwaukee's Bests and Brats leaves Ragu4u's sleep a bit, fitful. And so, he dreams...
Oh yeah! You love it, dontcha?
Sshhhh! Rags can't know that we share the love that dare not oink it's name!
Rags! Are you having that dream again? SOOO-ee! What's wrong with you?
*snicker* oink!

Meanwhile, back on Planet Nurse-Titty-Burps-in-the-Third-Panel WTF...

We now look on Planet ??? WTF...
What's with the outfit?
If, you're going to treat me like a witch, then I'm going to dress like a witch!
How am I treating you like a witch?
You won't buy me a new pair of ballet shoes!

by Porternotes
You called for me, Mr. President?
My approval ratings are in the toilet. We need to do something about this.
Perhaps you can roll back on a few of your least popular policies…?
Nonsense! The last Republican President had astronomical support in just 32 weeks in office.
You mean when 3000 people were killed in a terror attack on American soil?
Get Kim on the phone, we need to stir some **** up!

by evil_d
Avast, matey! I be here to plunder a burger, a large fries, and all yer doubloons!
Oh, hold on, I have a button to press in situations like this.
Whoa, take it easy man. I'm just celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day; no need to call the cops.
I'm not pressing the panic button. This is the zap-customers-who-think-they're-funny button.

Why are you dressed like a pirate?
I'm not dressed like a pirate... I'm dressed like a scalawag!
What's the difference?
Have you not read the contest rules? It said no pirates. Nothing about scalawags.
It's hard to Aaaarrrrr-gue with your logic.

by edoggydog
Today is talk like a pirate day...
Say something piratey!
Okay, how about this: You have a nice ass, Clango!
What kind of pirate talks like that??
A butt pirate.

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