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by atomiclunch
You know, they make clay targets for this.
They don't scream as loud as squirrels.

by atomiclunch
So, I understand you wish to join our team. I don't know, you're not a very intimidating hulk.
The hulk is a meatstick. I, however am compleletely plant-based and non-mutated. Also, I don't refer to myself as a "hulk".
Hang on, lemme just look at your resume here and...
I'll wait.
"The Implausible Guac?!"
Catchy AND explains the green.

by atomiclunch
Mr. Chen. I understand that you're upset.
But despite our best efforts, you'll simply have to accept this. I'm sorry but -
your wife is going to pull through. I mean, it was just a paper cut. Now, about the bill for the house call...

by atomiclunch
True story.
Well, that's the first blind guy I've helped. He was looking for brackets to hang a mirror.
Yeah? Why?
You can expect a bill from my the******. Now, I think I need to just walk this off.

by atomiclunch
98, 99, 100! Yay! Okay Rags, where's my surprise?!
Uh, Rags?

by atomiclunch
What now, Chen?
We were just engaging in some friendly banter...
"I asked an innocent question..."
Gee, I don't know. What's the great part about being married to me, dear?
Oh, I have no idea, I was hoping that YOU could fill me in.

by atomiclunch
Jeez, Chen. What is it now?
No problem. Best. Day. Ever!
"Excuse me, I think I'm lost."
Hey Phreaky, how long have you been abstaining now?
Oh God, it's been 6 months! I swear the next guy that crosses my path is going to get ****ed black and blue!
Oh no, you're in the right place

by atomiclunch
So yeah, he's still in there, coming to terms
To terms with what?
"Concrete proof of what we've been saying for years"
He really did have a bug up his ass about something!

by atomiclunch
Jeez, one fart and they kick me out of the moonbase.
Like none of them ever cut one loose in there.
I think they're just jealous because I didn't share my mom's homemade kimchi with them.
Jesus, what died out here?

by atomiclunch
Phil, what are we doing in hell?
I found these naked pictures of trump and figured this was the only place to destroy them. Kinda like Mt. Doom.
But it's so hot and dry!
That's kind of the point. Ah! There they go.
Say, could I have a sip of that beer?
Ha ha ha, noooo.

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