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by atomiclunch
4/16/19 - Stripcreator labs Down Unda Annex...
It lives!
Hide your women! Run for your lives!
Did you bring me a Bloomin' Onion and a Foster's?

by atomiclunch
Good morning class! We'll be discussing the importance of breasts today. Since I happen to have some, we'll be using them for studying. First, let me get out of my top-
urk! *THUD!*
Uh, Ethan? You okay? Please stand yourself up so we can continue today's lesson.
With what, Ms. Chinchilla? My *****?
Given your lack of hands, your ***** will have to do, yes.
What the hell do you think made me tip over in the first place?

by atomiclunch
Social Media 101
Ok class, time to check the progress of your semester projects.
Rick, looking good. Janet, check for typos. Eugene... uh, wow. Did you use a wide angle lens for that? Impressive, sir but whaddaya do with it?
UUNNNGH! HUUUNNNGGH! *Chewchewchew* *Gulp* "Told you it'd fit, Eugene!"
Looks like Sally's getting an "A". Bet she wasn't hungry for a week after that.

by atomiclunch
4/1/2019 - 'Lunch checks the weather with Maria Larosa...
- comic contests! OMG, I get SOOO turned on by guys that enter comic contests -
I have a plan!
4/5/2019 - Rags' place
Holy crap! Maria? Ragu? Bacon? ----------------------------- RCLG?! ----------------------------- How did this happen?
Yeah guys, mmm, just like that! *GRUNT* *OINK!* __________________ Hey guys! Save some for me!
Later, checking the DVR.
- SOOO turned on by guys that enter comic contests. And don't win! I really like underdogs.
Well, phoo!

by atomiclunch
See now, I totally had you pegged as a "Sleazy".
I get that a lot.
So um, what makes you so che-
I'm uncircumcised and haven't showered in a couple of months.
"Oh please! Try spending 15 hours in a mini cooper with that malodorous *******!"
*hrk* *HURL*
This ain't coffee in my cup.

by atomiclunch
You don't look so sleazy. HEY! are you trying to grope my ass?
With what, my *****?
Well, yes. Given that you have no hands.
Heh heh heh. Guilty as charged, sweetie.
How do you even make it grope?
God DAMN, look at those melons! Can't wait to get my ***** on THEM!

by atomiclunch
Well, let's get acquainted then. You must be Easy.
You don't know the half of it. Nice rack, sister!
You must be Cheesy!
Like **** I am.
As ****, sugartits.

by atomiclunch
The offices at CanaDisney
The new recruits are in the next room, eh? Let's go check out the fresh meat! What are their names?
They call themselves Easy, Cheesy and Sleazy, eh.
Heyyyy, I'm likin' this one, blondie! Howzabout a little peek under the hood there, red.
You can check me with your dipstick anytime, cutie.
oh, we are SO in, now.

by atomiclunch
Hmph, a tear in the fabric of reality. I guess that explains the news.
Oh yeah, what news were you talking about?
Disney is looking to hire 3 more dwarves.
Yeah well, that Snow White is one insatiable chick, that's true.
I mean wow, what a dopey idea.

by atomiclunch
Wasn't that character played by Sean Bean?
Sure, good ol' Boromir! Why?
You're telling me that a character played by Sean Bean not only survived the ENTIRE series but came out on top, as well?
Sure, why should that be a -
Sean Bean does not simply survive the roles he plays.
Good point.

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