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by atomiclunch
Okay, now why am I here?
I wanted to get your thoughts and maybe your blessing before i do this, Rags.
There's no way this'll work. Just imagine, no "adventures", no messing with 'Old Yeller', no getting dragged out of bed for some hare-brained scheme. Still, he's my friend and he could die...
What say you, Ragarino?
Vaya con Dios, 'Lunch!

by atomiclunch
You were browsing memes on the internet and this gave you the idea to
Bungee jump but instead of a bungee cord, I've stuffed 75 meters of anal beads in me and I'll have to clench to stop.
75 meters, eh? How long is the drop?
77 meters.
Have you thought this through, 'Lunch?
Not even remotely.

by atomiclunch
Oh Candy, why don't I ever get to meet your friends? Is it because I'm a zombie. Are you ashamed of me?
My friends, they wouldn't understand our, um, relationship.
So, it's because we share a love that dares not braaaaaaaiiiinnnnss its name?
Ok, it's the zombie thing. My friends think it's creepy.

by atomiclunch
The ***** you demanded, my Lord.
How the hell am I supposed to eat that? It's barely a mouthful! You are crap at this minion gig, Doug, you know that?
Forgive me, my liege. I will find more suitable ***** for your tastes.
You'd better. I don't like disappointment!
What would you have me do with this one, then?
Meh, leave it. I could use a good hump.

by atomiclunch
Get out my way, mother****er. I gotta get this crumb to the nest!
Zip it, ant! Don't make me step on you!
So, you got your ass handed to you by a colony of ants?
No, just the one.

by atomiclunch
Okay Maura, i'll need to take your temperature with this rectal thermometer so if you'd just bend over for me.
One sec!
Maura, why'd you drop a deuce in the office?
Just makin' room!

by atomiclunch
Feel better?
Decidedly. And I didn't have to break up our conversation.
I know i'll be sorry I asked but what do you do with it when it's, uh, full?
I generally head to the restroom when it's convenient and dispose of it.
Must be hard to flush, huh?
Shoot, that's nothing compared to waffle stomping one down the shower drain.

by atomiclunch
Come again?
They're like, the greatest thing ever! You can go to the bathroom without having to stop what you're doing! I'm surprised that everyone isn't using them!
You're going right now, aren't you?

by atomiclunch
Happy birthday, 'Lunch! How old are you now?
The big Five-Seven. Not really a milestone. Just old and busted up.
Hey, it's not all bad. You're still upright and you don't need those diapers, right?
Define "need", Rags.
I mean, you're not incontinent or anything, right?
Heavens no. I just need them because they're so damned awesome!

by atomiclunch
Okay guys, keep the camera on HIM! Do not point it over there, we don't want to go to jail, today!
Okay, squeeze it. Yeah. Bop it. Rub it. Twist i- uunnggh nuungh! Okay, let's go play kickball and zzzzzzzz......
Heh, that was cute, it was so high-pitched. What do you think, Drex?
CUT! We'll try to fix this in post!

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