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by atomiclunch
Clouds sure can make funny shapes!
Yeah. That one looks like a dog's bone!
Really? Looks more like a 9 yr. old gir's ***** gettin' rammed by 3 huge *****s, to me!
Dad's right, Uncle Phil. We NEED to get you laid.

by atomiclunch
Explain this, Mr. Spork.
Well Anders, the beings here are quite afraid of weapons. rather than have you show up guns blazing I asked Scotty to transport you...
Transport me what, Spork?
Uh, "unarmed".
You know I'm about to ****slap you back to your race's pre-logic days, right?
Admittedly, Mr. Scott was a bit um, literal in his assessment of my request.

by atomiclunch
Wife again, Chen?
Well, actually...
Look, it's the White House! The seat of power! Home of the Pr-
I know! Go Prez! Send those damned chinamen back where they came from! MAGA! MA- wait...
As god is my witness, I have no idea how to proceed here.
Don't trouble yourself, dear. I've got this.

by atomiclunch
So, what are you in for?
Commiting fraud by impersonating the secretary of the treasury.
Make a lot of bank?
No, not Mnuchin, actually. they caught me early on.
I see 'Lunch has gained another follower, 35 now.
Speaking of Phone-ies.

by atomiclunch
So, he says that someone told him the best way to win a woman over was to tell her she reminds him of another woman!
Ha! Then he tried that approach with Phreaky?! Even *I* know better than that!
HAHAHAHA! Who would tell him something like that?
Meanwhile, in the St. Louis metro area...
Okay, spill it, shortribs! You've been laughing about something all day! What's so damn funny?

by atomiclunch
Man, look at Phreaky over there! What I wouldn't give to be 30 years younger!
You know what? I'm in a good mood today soooo...
Get over there and git at 'er!
I meant just ME ya omnipotent ****wad!
Mister? what part of me is my double-d's, anyway?

by atomiclunch
The witness, one Mr. Boba, stated "I didn't see nuthin'!"
hahahahahah! Hey 'Lunch, did you see someone broke into RCLG's hq and stole his ideas? HAHAHAH!
hahahahahahah! Heh heh. Wooo...
Now Rags, *snrk* It's not nice to laugh, someone stole his intellectual property.
HAHAHAHAH! "Intellectual!" HAHAHAHA!
hahahahaha! "Ideas" hahahahaha!

by atomiclunch
You know, they make clay targets for this.
They don't scream as loud as squirrels.

by atomiclunch
So, I understand you wish to join our team. I don't know, you're not a very intimidating hulk.
The hulk is a meatstick. I, however am compleletely plant-based and non-mutated. Also, I don't refer to myself as a "hulk".
Hang on, lemme just look at your resume here and...
I'll wait.
"The Implausible Guac?!"
Catchy AND explains the green.

by atomiclunch
Mr. Chen. I understand that you're upset.
But despite our best efforts, you'll simply have to accept this. I'm sorry but -
your wife is going to pull through. I mean, it was just a paper cut. Now, about the bill for the house call...

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