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page 2

by atomiclunch
Okay guys, keep the camera on HIM! Do not point it over there, we don't want to go to jail, today!
Okay, squeeze it. Yeah. Bop it. Rub it. Twist i- uunnggh nuungh! Okay, let's go play kickball and zzzzzzzz......
Heh, that was cute, it was so high-pitched. What do you think, Drex?
CUT! We'll try to fix this in post!

by atomiclunch
"You getting this, guys?"
Helper, eh? This some new machine that ol' dad is gonna have to um, "safety check" for ya?
Ha! No. Suzy's gonna give me a, heh, "hand".
Chip off the old block! I'm so proud right now! Wait! Suzy?!
That's your SISTER, you little deviant! What are you thinki-
Okay Suze, let's DO this! ________________ I have the binoculars and some jergens! ________________ Best sister ever!

by atomiclunch
Seems like we're in a grey area here but... why not? You're a kid, might as well stick with your age group. Don't make a public spectacle of it, though.
Cool! Thanks dad, I'm gonna do it right now!
Hang on, Ethan. Uh, how are you gonna work up a good HUUNNGH NNUUUNGH with no hands?
Got it covered, pop!
I've arranged a helper!

by atomiclunch
Everyone, this is my son, Ethan. Can this wait, son, daddy's making a PSA and -
That's what the question is about, Dad.
I guess that's alright, then. Hit me!
Well, I'm a kid, so is it okay if *I* whip the one-eyed wonder worm to, say, Gretchen across the street when she's playing with her wading pool?

by atomiclunch
Right, anyway, there's like, one thing I NEVER wack it to. Because I ain't no pervert!
You know what it is? It's kids! I never burp the worm to kids! You shouldn't either!
If you're bashing the bishop to children, you're bad and you should feel bad! Don't do it! are we finished now?
I have a question.

What is that...?
*sniff* *sniff* *sniff* Oh, God... Is there nowhere she won't take a dump??

by atomiclunch
It went on for days, I actually no longer knew which of us was the real me!
You're gonna UNNGH NUUUNGH first!
No, YOU are!
We were about to tear a hole in the fabric of space-time until...
Fortunately the splatter obscured the reflection and the universe was saved.
What the hell is WRONG with you? Keep moving...

by atomiclunch
Now, in my time I've successfully spanked it just about everything. Women, men, farm animals, poop, farm animal poop.
Fish hand guy, even that feet for ears fella.
Keep going.
I remember one time I was using a mirror to spank it to me spankin' it, why, it's like it was just yesterday...
Hold it! There's no budget for a flashback sequence!

by atomiclunch
Okay, this'll be a cinch. I'll start the cameras rolling and you just share your thoughts. Be done before you know it.
Yeah, yeah. Why am I doing this, again?
"Uh, the court order, remember? aaaaaaaaaand ACTION!"
Oh, right. Um, Hi everyone, my name's Drexle but you probably know me as the UNNNGH NUUUNNGH! guy from the internet.
As a professional, I felt that many could benefit from a few tips. With this in mind, I'm gonna bestow a little wanking wisdom, some spankin' suggestions, meat beatin' mentoring...
That'll do, move on, please!

by crabby
It was not a good day for me today. At the grocery store I left the car door open on the way inside. Someone in the parking lot called out to let me know I forgot to close it.
That's embarassing.
Then an elderly woman pointed out that I had my youngest child's shoes on the wrong feet.
That's embarassing.
Then after I finsihed paying I walked away and left my phone at the checkout counter. I think I have early onset dementia. I think it's from all the years of drugs.
I think you're just a ****ing idiot.

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