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by atomiclunch
Ba-by Shark doo doo do doodoodoo Ba-by Shark doo doo do doodoodoo Ba-by Shark doo doo do doodoodoo Baby
Safe at last doo doo do doodoodoo...
Seriously? Even 'Lunch can kick your ass? What kind of puss ARE you, anyway?

by atomiclunch
Too many Milwaukee's Bests and Brats leaves Ragu4u's sleep a bit, fitful. And so, he dreams...
Oh yeah! You love it, dontcha?
Sshhhh! Rags can't know that we share the love that dare not oink it's name!
Rags! Are you having that dream again? SOOO-ee! What's wrong with you?
*snicker* oink!

by atomiclunch
You keep moving your lips but no sound is coming out. Stop messing around and tell me where you've been all morning!
A little earlier that day...
I've got it! Here's 50 bucks, run over to Ragu's house and fix 'em some bacon! That'll make their day better!
50 bucks? Heck yeah! I'm gonna get some tonight! Thanks!
Why won't you talk to me?
Yo slick, he says the next time he sees 'Lunch around here he's gonna show him the video with Maria Larosa. What, am I the only one that hears this?

by atomiclunch
For best results and flavor, allow your Brad to defrost completely before cooking. Approx. 12-18 hrs. If time is a factor, this can be sped up by soaking in hot water.
Hot water, eh? Got none o' that...
OW, eh?
Gasoline it is!

by atomiclunch
So who's this sashaying over here with the big Kandy Kakes?
That's my other sis, Tastykake! Come meet Atomiclunch, he's a friend of Ragu's!
HI! I'm 'Lunch! Would you grace me with -
Oh, honey. Not even with Hostess' ****.
She makes my Krimpets ache.
Those Kandy Kakes are 100% natural, y'know. I am SO jealous, sometimes.

by atomiclunch
Aside from being married to goofball, here. Tell me a little about yourself, Deb.
Thanks for asking. Well, I have 2 sisters. They're actually visiting right now. Here comes Hostess now, say hey to Atomiclunch, Hostess!
She seems nice, if a little worse for wear.
Yeah, she isn't the same since the resurrection.

by atomiclunch
Alright Rags, you've been holding out. I'm here to meet your no doubt lovely wife.
*sigh* Fine. Join us for dinner, wontcha?
"Hey! Sauceboy! You bringing strays in the house again?"
Say, you and the pig are both named after food. How does Debbie fit into this, anyway?
Uh, yeah. About that.
"Nice to finally meet you, 'Lunch. You're just in time. Dinner's served!"
'Lunch, Deb. Deb, *sigh* this is Atomiclunch.
Is that Swiss Roll Surprise? YAY!

by atomiclunch
C'mon Randolph, haven't you heard of Magic Mushrooms?
They're all the rage lately.
I mean, didn't you wonder why the pizza was so expnesive?

by atomiclunch
Reverend Pat! This is hardly the appropriate place to be with your **** out. Again.
*hanh* *hanh* can't help it. just read news *hanh* about Malaysia...
You mean about those two poor women who got caned?
So was it the lesbian sex or the caning that got Little Pat's attention?
Yes. Now please mop that up, sister.

by atomiclunch
Sin is bound in your heart and loins, Mr. Chen but lo, the approaching rod of correction shall drive it far, far from you.
What? That? You call that a "rod"? Let me have it, then! I'll even think some impure thoughts about that rack of yours, sis! Just to make it fun for ya!
Where did they even GET Pat Robertson's ****? I swear, it was like being beaten with a 2-inch limp telephone pole.
Well, now you know what sex with you is like.

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