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by atomiclunch
Thanks for inviting me. I had a swell time!
Thanks for coming over. Drop by anyime, Hillary.
So, Maynard. What'd you think of her?
Meh. Who cares.
That's all you have to say?

by atomiclunch
Well 'Lunch, we getting started or what?
Just a few more minutes, Chen's late again.
Hey guys. Against all odds, I'm here.
Great. Did you...
Have to go to the emergency room? Yes.
What? No, dip****. Did you bring your cash. Ante is 5 bucks. Now siddown, you deal first!

by atomiclunch
stripcreatorgonepoof nositenocomicwatdo
Okay, calm down, numbnuts. Don't go opening a vein or something. Let's see if the IT guy has an idea.
I think I have a solution.
Go on.
*yes, I'm well aware that those god awful things are dead.
I don't understand.
Dude, you suggested bitstrips*. What'd you expect?

by atomiclunch
A secret location. The undertaker meets with his manager.
Look, that bout with Ragu has resurfaced. We need to keep it from happening.
Well, if you're that afraid of his "St. Louis Sledgehammer" I'll make a call.
I'll cover your Tim Horton's tab for a full year, How about it, Brad?
You got it, eh!
Hey Rags, got the comic done, yet?
"site not found"

by atomiclunch
Ma'am? Is something wrong?
Aren't you a robber?
Gracious no! I'm simply here to purchase this flashlight and crowbar.
THEN I'll be a robber,

by atomiclunch
Jeez, your wife just died this morning, Mr. Chen. What else could've gone south for you, today?
Well, I dropped by the funeral home...
She was adamant about the details of her burial, sir. How do you want to handle it?
I'm just happy to be free! Chuck her out into the alley for all I care. What's she gonna do about it, now?
Later, in the alley....

by atomiclunch
*sigh* It's a shame 'bout Yeller. What a way to go, falling into the manure pit and drowning himself like that.
Well Pa, I don't guess it helped, you throwing all those beers in for him to drink.
Since he'd eaten half of our asparagus crop just moments before, I thought he might want to wash it down...
At least he left behind a healthy puppy!
"Coming in 2019. Old Yeller 2: The Incontinental Divide!"
See Rags? Didn't I tell you this was a swell movie?

by atomiclunch
Hey Travis, why do you call him Yeller, anyway?
"The Color!"
Color? Are you blind? He's clearly brow-

by atomiclunch
@ the home of Fred Gipson
Oh god, not THIS again...
I have a new idea for your book!
Why? Why do you do this to me? What did I ever do to you?
Because my ideas help to make you rich, bud.
*sigh* Fine. Let's hear it.

by atomiclunch
What'll it be today, sir?
I'll have the personal pizza. With extra pineapple, please.
Right, one crime against nature for the charlatan.
Jeez, FINE. Just gimme a hot dog. With ketchup!
You mean mustard, sir?
Mustard sounds nice.

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