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by atomiclunch
In the Stripcreator men's room...
Hey Chet! Get the guys together for a staff meeting, I'll be there right after I take a whiz.
I can't let you do that. The urinal is out of order.
Well, fix it, Leon.
Blandalf, Blandalf the Blue. And I can't, the parts won't get here from Mordor until Thursday. So... YOU. Shall NOT. PISS!
You DO know who I am, right?
AAIIEEE! Oh look, it's working now. Does everyone at this place eat nothing but asparagus or what?

by atomiclunch
Well, look who decided to visit. What's the matter? Too busy ogling that Larosa chick to tend to your responsibilities?
No, had to go out and get my new glasses!
New glasses, why?
So I can see her even better!
While you were tending to your unquenchable lust for some weather bimbo, RCLG took over the front page. He seemed pretty proud of it.
Yeah, I tripped on his boner on the way here.

by atomiclunch
-with temperatures in the high 90's and a heat index of 1.2 million degrees-
*sigh* My meteorological minx, Maria... Wait, what?! I'd better go check on the guys, that's their neck of the woods!
Rags! I heard there was gonna be big heat today, thought I'd bring you guys some lemonade!
SSSSHHHHH!! I know. Now, c'mere and watch this! Also, you didn't have to fly all the way out here. The telephone DOES reach this part of the world, y'know!
Dammit, Ragu! It is NOT 72 and breezy out there!

by atomiclunch
How about a delicious corn dog, Horst?
Next thing I know, he's tearing the president's 1983 necktie off and whipping me with it. Then he shoved a microphone up my ass.
That reminds me, let's get that outta there and...
No, no. You can leave it tn...

by atomiclunch
Let's look forward for a minute. How do you think this is going to be remembered in the future.
2018: The year of Atomiclunch's Coochie Coup!!!
Why you I oughta...
Can't beat me up! I'm the president now!
Corn dog?

by atomiclunch
Okay, we're a little swamped with today's events. What's YOUR story?
I figured people would be hungry after the coup, so I went to sell some corn dogs. I mean, who doesn't love corn dogs, right?
Anyway, about a half-hour in, I run across my friend Horst talking to the new president...
Mr. President, I hear talk that you carried this out with an all-female team of commandos. Is that true?
Yes, as a matter of fact, I did, indeed, have an all-girl coup crew.
Any specific reason for that?
Not really, they were all more than qualified for the mission. Hell, they were ****ed off enough to do it for free. I had to fight to keep them from doing it before I even briefed them on the plan.

by atomiclunch
Mr. Lunch, I understand you staged thi-
President Lunch.
*sigh* "President" Lunch, word on the street is-
You're saying it in quotes. I'm the president now, a little respect is due.
Fine, President Lunch-

by atomiclunch
What's next?
Well, I have no desire to do this long-term so now I have to call a crack team to fill in for congress!
I'm not gettin' it.
Oh, HELL naw!

by atomiclunch
So, Mr. Lunch, tell us about this plan of yours.
President Lunch. Sure, Horst. Phase 1 was getting to this point. Now for phase 2.
This is my man, Neal. Can you deal with all this blood?
I'm on it, Mr. President
10 minutes later.
THIS is your tax dollars at work!

by atomiclunch
I have a plan!
I'm thinking Canada, you? I'd like a little more distance, so, maybe Proxima Centauri.

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