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by atomiclunch
So there I am, new to Canada, no money, no nothin'! This guys says "hey, wanna make a quick $50, eh"? Just dress up as me and -
mm hm, bend over so I can take your temperature.
"just say NO to this guy, improvise all you want, as long as the answer ends up being "NO".
Please, Brad?
...AND the horse you rode in on, ya old fart!
He looked 70! I was sure I could take him.
Time for your tetanus shot! Bend over!

by atomiclunch
Almost two months since she left. - ed.
Hey Rags! I was just watching a report on the snow in New Jersey and that Larosa chick that 'Lunch likes popped up. Catching snowflakes on her tongue, no less. I wonder if he saw tha-
In breaking news, the Camp Fire in Northern California has suddenly been extinguished! Horst Petard is live! Horst?
I was in the little reporter's room taking a whiz when it happened so I'll let our fire professional, Ash Hosemonkey fill us in on the details.
It was the damnedest thing, Horst. We were losing ground and all of a sudden there was an enormous "HUUUNNGHH NUUUNNNGH!" and it was all over.
"Gosh, Horst. After all that heat, you all must be thrilled to have that refreshing snow!"
Um, this isn't snow, doofus. And the only one thrilled is Barry.
OMG! Somebody get me a straw!

by atomiclunch
Hey Phil, what's new?
You've gained a follower in the past few days.
That IS good news. Sooo, what? Bacon finally got around to adding me?
Oh, god no.
But it caused an apocalypse and everything!

by atomiclunch
Somewhere near St. Louis, 11/15/18.
Christ on a pogo stick, what's with this weather, eh?
What do you mean, eh? Haven't you heard the news? Canada has annexed Missouri.
Well, that explains the weather and the abundance of "ehs", eh?
Yeah. C'mon, it's aboat time we stopped by the immigration office for our papers.
THIS is immigration?
Welcome to Canada, you hoser. I see you've already got a molson muscle so just head to your right and pick up your timbits, double double and official toque. And no, i'm not restoring your old work.

by atomiclunch
One day, while perusing Stripcreator with fake root privileges...
Hey Chen, do these pants make my butt look big?
Uh oh, this won't end well! Better make a quick call!
"Aww, that's so sweet! Are you feeling okay?"
Hello Mr. Chen! If you'd like to be entered to win a trip for 1 to tahiti, just repeat the K-LUNCH phrase that pays: "No dear, you're absolutely perfect"!
No dear, you're absolutely perfect!
Seems like it's been quiet here this week. _________________ So, wanna go have sex in Radiology? _________________ Can I play with your thermometer?
Sure has, something's missing. _______________ Sounds like fun. _________________ Keep dreaming, bucko!

by atomiclunch
Quiet on the set! aaaanNND ACTION!
CUT! Great take guys! That's a wrap! Whaddaya think, Randolph?
Best investment ever!

by atomiclunch
The start of a brand new school year!
Good morning class, I'm your homeroom teacher and my name is Ms. Prussy. Just remember, it's like "*****" but with an "r".
Yes Ma'am!
The next morning.
Good morning again, class. Now, does anyone remember my name?
Oo! I do!
Yes Ethan, go ahead.
It's Ms. Crunt!

by atomiclunch
C'mon Susie, you've been teasing me all day. I can only take so much, y'know.
Sorry Butch, I don't put out on the first date.
Shoot. Hey, howzabout a little handy for Butch? That okay?
Wellll. Okay. I suppose that's alright.
This is NOT what I meant, Susan!

by atomiclunch
"HEY! Don't be hitting on my sister!"
So, with Rags gone you need a little, uh, booze and "support"?
Why, TK?
Because your my - cuz it's rude. Yeah. It's RUDE!
You're jealous! You DO like me!
Damnit! Defeated by that incredible hair!

by atomiclunch
Jeez, you said you were going to wish Rags a happy birthday.
I figured while I was here, I'd "talk" to him about all the Chen-beatdowns that he's personally overseen.
He took a swing at me, missed and I heard something snap. Then he ran off saying he needs a glass of milk.
"He's pretty spry for 70."
Yo, sauceboy! Found your wanking arm! I ain't bringing it to ya, though. Ew!

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