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by seanator
One fine day...
Rise Up! Demand radical change at the cost of your obedience! Don't you know they'll fire you as soon as it's profitable!
Stop saying such things! You'll get in big trouble!
You're under arrest!
What you've just said has implicated you as a suspicious person and possible terrorist!

by seanator
Facists calling facists facist.
You're Facist!
You're Facist!
Those Republicans are Facist!
Wow, classic Facist Democrats.... fap time, then bed.

by seanator
One fine day...
Okay class, This is Anatomy, the study of...
No, that's Proctology.
Does the Pro stand for "prolapsed anus"?
In this class we don't even go into prolapsed anuses
Why, is your mom too tired?

by 100Faces
What? Disqualified for Devil's sake??? That was a new world record!
Sorry, Mr. Reaper, but this was the natural death event.
Phew. I still don't see what's not natural about a little plane crash on a nuclear power plant. After all, it's just the laws of nature, I say.

by 100Faces
Mummy, can I stay home from school today? I'm not feeling so well.
Mmh, yes. You're looking very proud with no reason. I think you've got Patriotism.
Yes, and I've been singing the national anthem all night, too.
I'll phone your school. You're staying home today.
Bless you! Now go to bed before it gets worse!

I've come from the future to warn you not to stay out in the sun for too long.
Ha! How should I know you're really my future me, puddle?
by 100Faces, 6-05-12

by 100Faces
Seventh row, grave 23, Butch. Now where are my nuts?
Left them on the kitchen table. I'll bring them next time, squirrel.
No nuts and there'll be no next time. I told you.
But ... but ... aaaaaaah!
Right in front of you. That'll be three packs of hazelnuts then.
Thank you, squirrel.

by seanator
One fine day...
Halt, you are Jaques Moreau! A member of the resistance!
A machine! If I deliver a paradox it will surely short-circuit!
I've just spent my infant son's diaper money on methanphetamine, should I just tell my wife I gambled it away? that wasn't technically a paradox, but I'm going to kill myself anyway.

by 100Faces
... the Holy Spirit and ...
This is so not funny!
... Randomly Appearing Snowman! Tah-dah!

by 100Faces
What a stupid idea! Making four-panel-comics is like changing the Holy Trinity to a Holy Quatrinity, I say.
Oh, we've made arrangements to meet these new requirements. It's God the Father, ...
... the Son, ...

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