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by TehDillian, 8-22-16

i am keanu reeves
i am hugo weaving
by TehDillian, 8-09-16

The guy on the right is me with a beard and a hat. I am bald and have no beard.
we got wallowing self pity on the internet over here! someone call the WAAAAAMBULANCE (lol jokes)
by TehDillian, 7-25-16

lol in my last comic i said i was fundamentally happy LOL OLOLOL JK
i cant fit my hand into a pringles can
by TehDillian, 7-25-16

by TehDillian
hi. my name is eric. i am 27 years old.
I also can't really cook too well.
my life is a series of ****ty events chained together in unfortunate circumstances. basically, i am fundamentally happy and I have no idea how to cope with it or even address it.
my relationships are **** and i hate myself.

no u cannot c my poop
by TehDillian, 7-13-16

by TehDillian, 2-24-16

Basically I just hit "random comic layout" until I see something that looks interesting. I mean, look at this. What can I possibly put here that would make sense? MAYBE PEANUTBUTTER DICKFART RADIATOR
i'm 25
by TehDillian, 8-06-15

y u heff 2 b mad?
by TehDillian, 6-03-15

hlep im t****d
by TehDillian, 5-27-15

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