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Meanwhile, on Planet How's-this-a-little-higher-times-3 WTF:
How's this?
A little higher.
How's this?
A little higher.
How's this?
A little higher.

Hey, Melania... Did you see that the Mueller Report exonerated me?
Yes, Donald, yes!
Wanna have celebration sex?
No, Donald, no!

Holy crap...
The dealership's on fire!
Wanna step aside so I can put it out?
Let it burn, baby.

Nothing like being on a farm...
...taking a farm-sized dump!

God, Jamalia has a nice pair of titties, and we're all alone in this cave... Think of something smooth to say to her, Sanderson, and she may sleep with you!
Think smooth, Sanderson... Think smooth... SMOOOOOOTH... SMOOOOOOTH...
Hey, Jamalia... Would you'd like to lick my taint as I jack off in your hair weave?

Meanwhile, back on Planet Air-Dick-monkey?-Ook!-times-three WTF...
Air Dick, monkey?
Air Dick, monkey?
Air Dick, monkey?

We're keeping the cat... You're fired.
Leave the ball.

"I'm not totally sure because they all look alike, but..."
"...I think the ******* who ate my priceless koi fish..."
" the second on from the right."

by edoggydog
What Trump promised in 2015:
If, you vote for me, I will build a big, beautiful wall to keep out all the illegal drug runners and ******s!
What Trump envisioned:
What's this for, Timmy?
It keeps out the wetbacks, Lucy!
What we still have in 2019:

I'm here at the northern border to show how we keep Canadians from crossing into the America illegally...
"All we see is a painted blue line, Mr. President."
"How's that going to keep Canadians from crossing illegally?"
Because, they respect and obey our laws, dip****!

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