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My name is Katie. I love to travel and last year went on a 2 week road trip down the west coast. I also live with my boyfriend Ben. I'm a hippie at heart. I've been growing my own food and composting.
She also loves me, her dog Milo. And I guess she also loves her other dog Ollie, three cats: Thomas, Gobby, & Willow, and new chickens. It's getting crowded!
I've worked in schools for 9 years. 6 years as a classroom teacher in 3rd & 1st grade, then as a K-2 intervention, and now as a program coordinator and literacy coach. It's been busy!
Katie hopes to learn how to work with teachers in her school to have everyone be a strong literacy leader for the students who need it the most.
I've always had struggling readers in my classes. My recent positions work specifically with the lowest readers. It's a challenge when there isn't much home support or parents who are illiterate.
She works with kids like me who need more help with reading! Being in a less affluent school, there are many of us.
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