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by choadwarrior
Why did you put up the Halloween decorations?
I put up the Martin Luther King Day decorations.
You put a skeleton on the door.
Martin Luther King didn't look like a skeleton!
He does now.

by Cobb
it's taking you long enough. haven't you hacked into spaex yet?
i did what you said, but i just get this weird..
ok. turn it off and turn it back on again.
wow. i can't believe that actually worked.
we are pretty clever aren't we? that's all part of the sequence.
i can't believe what i'm seeing here!

by Cobb
so how did you like that last bit of chaos?
i find it hard to believe you planned the whole thing.
i know right? did you see how it left tom hanks with his jaw hanging down?
wait, are you talking about the golden globes? i was talking about iran.
no, that kind of stuff is run out of pink pig division. nsa.
the pink pig division?

by Cobb
neil peart is dead, man.
the drummer from the band rush.
the who?
not the who, rush!
oh. russell simmons?

by Cobb
it is bittersweet leaving earth orbit.
well, the liberal fairy was more powerful than we suspected.
how long do we hang out behind the sun?
you're going to have to send those cartoonists back to earth.
but, i love them
i really don't want to hear this.

by Cobb
amateur astronmists claim a strange object has moved from earth orbit to lagrange point L3 on the opposite side of the sun.
in other news families of two popular cartoonists claim that they have been kidnapped and replaced by cybernetic clones
oh yeah and we killed the iranian quds commander. USA! USA!

by Cobb
as the official meta spokesman, i..
go ahead, we're listening.
i love *******s.
i bet DBoba and JoeBlough have lovely delicious anuses just dripping with...
we interrupt this meta to bring you a word from our sponsor

by Cobb
yes i am aware that there is some silly human competition of sorts going on.
does it bother you that people..
they are not people, they are humans. i see you've learned nothing about human nature in all of these years.
hey, i've done a lot of anal probes.
yes. you do have a proclivity for *******s.
good. so that makes me the official spokesman.

by Cobb
are we allowed to go meta?
what do you mean meta?
you know. talk about the fact that we're just a 2 dimensional representation of anus jokes.
oh. you mean break the fourth wall, as it were. i suppose so, why?
well, there are some humans at who..
oh. that.

by Cobb
this is strangely like a cross between the godfather and swordfish
heh. actually it's more like i've given you half of a red pill.
ok the first thing is that you need my id at spacex. 4BD6A134
i see that pgp key is revoked.
of course that's what you would think.

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