Korgilla vs. The Prophets of Virtue

The Prophets of Virtue consists of a relatively mottled, but still fairly stereotypical band of adventurers. There is Eery Entrailus the Human Cleric of Kelemvor - God of the Dead. Mazun Vetwor the Gnomish Illusionist Rogue trickster and heir unapparent to the Cormyrian throne. Berbeck Thunderhammer the Dwarven Cleric Runecaster, Crafter & Blacksmith extraordinaire. Herm the Githzerai Ninja, master of disappearance & backstabbing (in all its forms). And, Valenzio Valentino the brash Human swashbuckling knight, and definite lady's man. The comic is loosely based on the roleplaying antics of a group of D&D'ers and is set in Wizards of the Coast's Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms fantasy setting. In this set we join the Prophets as they climb the Thunder Peaks to negotiate with Korgilla, the Storm Giant Princess. She has recently been placing unlawful tolls on all those whom venture into "her" kingdom, which lies on Cormyrian soil.

by kleinksw
Preparing to negotiate with Korgilla, the Storm Giant Princess
You're kidding... you're not going in alone are you?
As the group leader, it is my duty. Just keep an eye on the entrance.
So, we get to wait out here, while you "negotiate" with Korgilla, the Storm Giant Princess, and her legion of guardians?
At the first sign of trouble, I'll just teleport out and we'll do battle side-by-side.
Yeah right. You're not coming out are you? I think someone just wants all the experience.

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Korgilla vs. The Prophets of Virtue

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