Paralysis Man and Green T-Shirt Beard Stockbroker Man

Oh the hilarity.

So, this is comic 300 then. A whole new dawn in Kramer comics, with lots of new characters and wonderful original situations.
Yes. And we're the first of many hilarious new faces to be seen in these comics. So who are you, then?
I'm Green-Tshirt-beard-Man! By day I'm a stockbroker, and by night I go home and think about all the stock I'm going to be brokering the next day.
I'm sure that'll lead to many exciting adventures. I'm Paralysis man! I stand completely still, and have to be wheeled about on a trolley.
Stay tuned for our epic series coming soon, in which I sit in an office for hours on end, while Paralysis Man here is propped up against the wall.
Look out for episode 4, in which I look like I'm going to fall over, but don't. It'll be hilarious- I can hardly wait!

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