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We did it, Jamalia... We now own the homepage of!
This calls for a "celebration ****"!
It sure does!
Do you really mean that?
Yes... Do yo have mandingo's phone number?

Only two more comics and we dominate the homepage yet again, Phreaky!
Speaking of two... Can I slide the Air Dick up between those two huge babies?
No... Last time you did that my cleavage got a bad case or Air Herpes!
I suppose the butt's out of the question?
Not if you can find a way to un-superglue my hands from said butt!

This says you owe the IRS five million dollars?
Yeah... I forgot to file my taxes back in 1996 and I got nailed with fines and interest.
Still, five million is a lot... What do you owe back then?
That's harsh!

"Hey, Clown..."
"Why so sad?"
I lost my balls in the snow!
"How did that happen?"
Two words: frost bite!

I'm going home...
But, I wanted you to stay for dinner!
I'm not very hungry.
Who said you were eating?

How much for a *******?
I don't give *******s anymore.
No, I was asking how much for me to give you a *******?
What makes you think I have a *****?
So, you're saying you're NOT a tranny?

This is it, Cat...
We have the whole world to ourselves, now!
I'm still not going to **** you!

When do you plan on trimming your bush, Neal?
After it bears enough fruit for the winter!
I was talking about your hairy crotch!
So was I!

They say when an elephant knows he's dying, he will walk miles and miles over rough terrain to die at a secret burial place for elephants...
After years of studying this phenomenon, biologists figured out why the elephant dies at the precise moment he arrives there.
It's the walk that kills him!

Damn, playing football on cement was a bad idea...
I told you!
Well, what's done is done.
Just like your mother!

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