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What am I looking at..?
The dark roast.
And, you want me to what exactly?
I want you to pour me a cup, dip****!
With what? My *****?
You must be related to that little ****, Elbows Ethan!

by kaufman
Oh good, Rodney Dangerfield's coming on.
It's nice having a lot of money. I went out and bought a jukebox last month.
I tell you, it works great. Unless I request an Aretha Franklin song, that is. Then it plays nothing and eats my quarter.
I tell you, I don't get no Respect.

by choadwarrior
There's a good taco shop down the street you should try.
Is it authentic?
Is it next door to a payday loan and check cashing business?
You don't know what the **** you are talking about.

How's the patient doctor?
Tell me what it means to me!
It, uh, means dead, right?
sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me...

Hey, Stickboy...
Pull my finger!
Haven't you done enough damage already??

No one in America knows the true benefits of the hot Tai Chi tea...
Better skin, better brain power, better cardiovascular circulation, better eyesight, better endurance, and most importantly...
...better ERECTIONS.
That's nice information and all, but did you happen to see a wascally wabbit come through here?

This is the moment of truth... The moment I can exact my revenge on Mr. Happy for accidently hacking up my kittens with his front-throw, gas lawnmower.
I could easily, at this afore-mentioned moment of truth bash his head in with a cast iron frying pan. Or stab him with one of my Henckels knives.
But, in this moment of truth, I cannot seem to pull the trigger. If, only I had some extra motivation to compel me to execute my dastardly plan...
Let me know when it is okay to turn around, buttface!

by edoggydog
...and then Susie in accounting gave the whole lot of us *******s to go!
Speaking of football, did you here the NFL is flaming out?
Have the TV ratings dropped that low?
No that... They just hired a bunch of male cheerleaders!
Oh, snap!

"Beer, Norm? Norm..?"
No. Thanks.
"You don't want beer? Are you okay, Norm??"
I just saw that bald owner of the restaurant upstairs butt-****ing Cliff Claven in the pool room while Woody was tonguing his scrotum!

"Before I say which on of you got the promotion, I just want to say I am impressed by how hard the both of you worked these last few weeks."
"What makes this decision so hard is that the both of you are equally talented. I mean, there is virtually no difference in ability and work ethic between the two of you."
"Therefore, it simply came down to who makes me laugh more... Congrat-ulations, Perm!"
Thank you!

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