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by lame
With the self-imposed demise of Stick-E behind him, our alien friend resolves to wander the galaxy alone, or so he thinks.
Idiot...who needs your sadistic suicidal ass anyhow.
pft, I'm not really dead just in a self-imposed catatonic state that I may never fully awaken from.
What a strange encounter in an even stranger place.
Wha...What the FUCK!?!? Where am I, what happened to my spaceship!? NOOOOOOO!!! Who the **** are you by the way?
Well, I'm the overlord/creator of Earth, my minions call me God but you can call me Frank.
Apparently God...I mean Frank is the biggest molester around :('re getting a little too close for comfort pal.
Where do you think all the priests on Earth learned all of their tricks from buck-o. Me, Numero Uno, The Big Cheese, The Grand Poobah...hah...Poo-bah, I could go on forever with these.
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