Star Trek

The holy triumvirate of Star Trek Jokes, except not a triumvirate, because there are four of them, but I dont' think there's a word for a group of four. Not that I know of anyway. Perhaps "The Four Trek Jokes of the Apocalypse" .......Maybe not.

by leildavid
I was a trekkie as a kid, which is tough, because it's not a cool thing to be, and it's not something you can hide. Like, no matter what you do, the other kids are going to find out eventually.
I'd be out on the playground, the other kids are like, "let's play cops and robbers!" "No, let's play Red Rover!" I'd be like, "No, Let's play 'Engounter at Farpoint Station!'
You guys be the crew of the enterprise, and I'll be Captain Picard......... Engage.

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