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by kaufman
Hello, Mildred.
Hi Sue, how are you doing?
hanging in there, but going a bit stir-crazy. You?
Just wonderful. My best day in ages!
Really? How come?
Those kids down the street TPed my yard last night.

by kaufman
I stepped out on the first garbage day since the lockdown. It was surreal. A desolate street, with neatly lined up trash and recycling in front of each house.
Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!

by UnknownEric
Knock knock
Who is it?
Little River Band Witnesses.
Littl... what???
HAVE you heard about the lonesome loser?

by evil_d
Shouldn't you guys stop selling Corona here? Because of the virus that's in it?
Corona the beer has nothing to do with the coronavirus known as COVID-19. The similarity in names is just a coincidence.
Oh, cool. So I can keep drinking Corona and I won't get sick?
I didn't say that.

Nailed it!
by UnknownEric, 3-01-20

by kaufman
Dinosaurs will walk the earth.
Barbarians will overrun the Roman Empire.
What are you doing? This is supposed to be predictions for the upcoming decade.
Sorry, man, I guess I just don't have 20- 20 vision.

by kaufman
I usually love the food at this place, but it's bland and tasteless tonight.
I was just thinking that. Hang on wait a minute ...
... There. Have a taste now.
Ah. Much better. What did you do?
Sorry, my fault. I had my phone in Airplane Mode.

by kaufman
........ 1) Give them a good meal before
having your way with them.
2) Don't skimp on the foreplay!

by kaufman
Y'know, Dave, you'll probably do a lot better if you hit the ball with an actual golf club, instead of that guitar.
You're missing the point, Bob. It's so beautiful here in Tehran, I want to be out on the course all day. If I shoot 500, so what?
Ok, whatever you s... hey, where'd you go?
Mr. President! I just heard another tanker was lost in the Persian Golf.
Great. I'll go on Twitter and blame it on immigrants.

by kaufman
Want some candy?
What do you think?
Ewwwwwww! This tastes like monkey brains!
Well, of course it does. These are Rhesus Pieces.

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