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by kaufman
We are the essential workers risking our health to keep you alive during this COVID-19 outbreak.
We are the hospital workers, grocery store workers, drivers, restaurant workers, public safety officers, everyone needed to keep society working.
Unfortunately, there just isn't enough PPE to protect us. They can't give us a bunch of N-95 masks.
It really sucks, doesn't it? We do this critical work, and there is no equipment to keep us safe.
So instead, we've been wearing these masks, and it turns out they're even more effective.
Because who in their right mind would want to get within six feet of any of us?

Dear Fag: Is every Tuesday Taco Tuesday for lesbians?
Of do they just call it Tuesday?
Dear Cinco de Mayonaise: Every day is Taco Day for lesbians...
Until three months later when they move in together and adopt cats.

by UnknownEric
Sadie! I haven't seen you since high school! How's you been?
Things have been good, real good.
How about your twin brother?
Well, Jerry's become obsessed with writing erotic Liv and Maddie fan fiction...
Diggie had never done THAT to her before. As she reached climax, Maddie couldn't help but exclaim, "BAM! WHUT?"

by kaufman
Hey everyone, I've got an idea. Inject yourself with bleach. It will protect you from the covfefid-19 virus.
Oh no, Uncle Ernie has died of the coronavirus. What will I do with him?
Just drop him in the washing machine, and your clothes will come out whiter than white.
Gee, thanks, Mr. President!

by choadwarrior
I just want to let you all know I've come down with a cough so I will be self-isolating...
I'm sure this is probably just a cold, so I don't want anyone referring to me using the C-Word...
I also don't want any rumors starting that I have Coronavirus.

How soon after this is over do you think we will get together?
You're the first person I want to see.
Because you'll spread faster than this virus.

COVID-19 is God's punishment for society's acceptance of the debaucherous gay lifestyle.
Then why is he killing old, straight people?
by AccentuateNegative, 3-28-20

by kaufman
Hello, Mildred.
Hi Sue, how are you doing?
hanging in there, but going a bit stir-crazy. You?
Just wonderful. My best day in ages!
Really? How come?
Those kids down the street TPed my yard last night.

People are really getting desperate.
Yeah. Last night, I sucked three ****s for a package of toilet paper.
Three ****s! Was it worth it?
But they really needed the toilet paper.

by kaufman
I stepped out on the first garbage day since the lockdown. It was surreal. A desolate street, with neatly lined up trash and recycling in front of each house.
Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!

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