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by choadwarrior
I believe that children are our future.
Children are generally stupid.
So I guess you're right.

by Namgubed
Ahoy, matey! Come join the crew in the galley, we're watching "Victory at Sea" on the big screen!
Can't do it, Captain - that show always gives me the runs.
Arrrgh, izzat so?
Fleet cinema!
Walk the plank.

...and a partridge in a pear tree...
Oh come on! It's not even Thanksgiving! There's no need to sing Chrstmas songs until after Thanksgiving!
Christmas songs?
I was just commenting on how someone just dumped David Cassidy's body over there.

by Namgubed
Hey, did you catch the Alien: Covenant movie? It was freakin' sweet what with all those aliens!
Indeed. I detected a total of 487 alien creatures in the film.
Geez, what did you do, watch the DVD and hit pause a lot?
No ...
I used my Giger counter.

by Namgubed
I've been fivesed!
Yeah, my customer paid me entirely in five dollar bills this week ...
but in the past, tens.
I hate you.

by choadwarrior
Thanks for coming to the White House so quickly, Jeff.
What can I do for you, Mr. President?
I'm going to pardon two turkeys.
That's just a ceremonial thing, you don't actually need the assistance of the Justice Department.
I mean Eric and Don, Junior.

by choadwarrior
Last wish. I promise no tricks this time.
I guess I also need to be rich.
Remember me from a few panels ago?
You're still a fat, disgusting fossil, but I'll go home with you.
Good enough, sugar tits.

by choadwarrior
How did that first wish work out for you?
Terribly, but I'm not giving up on her. I wish to also be powerful.
Haha! Look at those tiny hands!

by choadwarrior
I am the genie of the lamp. I will grant you three wishes.
i wish to find love with a beautiful woman.
❤❤❤ The spell worked, I'm in LOVE!!! ❤❤❤
Get away from me, you fat troll.

Della? Are you dead? Ms. Reese?
oh... yeah... that's it...
Move over. I get to touch her now.

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