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by arbi
it's been a week? sunday nemo came over an has a house for sale so we went n looke at it aan i got my realtor on it.
monday i went to the scitech club, it's related to my mad scientist buddy
this is tuesday. i just i 8 minutes of standup tonight at crackers. did. some elvis and johnny cash.
tomorrow i go to a tree auction. today i skipped a restaurant auction.
toay i stopped into the hoosier state press association, and tried to recruit moishe as a client.

Your birthday is coming up. What would you like me to get you?
I'd rather give you something for my birthday.
Oh, really? And what is it that you want to give me, big boy?

by Namgubed
Hey, if you had the opportunity to outlaw any brand of coffee ...
which one would -

by bigworm
What's so good about cows anyway?
Did you ever fist one?

Meanwhile, back on Planet Nurse-Titty-Burps-in-the-Third-Panel WTF...

We now look on Planet ??? WTF...
What's with the outfit?
If, you're going to treat me like a witch, then I'm going to dress like a witch!
How am I treating you like a witch?
You won't buy me a new pair of ballet shoes!

Why are you dressed like a pirate?
I'm not dressed like a pirate... I'm dressed like a scalawag!
What's the difference?
Have you not read the contest rules? It said no pirates. Nothing about scalawags.
It's hard to Aaaarrrrr-gue with your logic.

by arbi
it's tuesday so i did standup at crackers.
two elvis numbers, alison and poke sallet annie
i might have an offer on the house, 40k, an i just turne own 16k for the other house.
so an eventful day.
i went to goodwill and bought 32 waist jeans so i on't need a belt when i go in the city hall.
i've lost a coupe inches aroun the waist, an i lost my belt at the security line somehow.

by arbi
it's monay morning. my internet is wonky an gmail isn't loaing so i am catching up here.
off to print an try to file a secon amene complaint.
was up at 4 am listening to rogan an maron
more later maybe
i was able to get my motions printed and filed. the marshalls wouldn't let me in, so the clerk came and took my filing.

Hmmm... My blinddate's been in the bathroom now for two hours!
I don't think she's coming back.
Maybe, it wasn't a good idea telling her I came up with the money for tonight's dinner by castrating Ragu's pig per atomic-lunch's request!

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