Music Super (star) Market

I made these with my mate Umfum. Check his set for the others.

by mmyers
Woe, something definitely doesn't rock in here. Hey man! Don't you think it's about time you tried Ronnie James Dio-derant©!
But Ronnie James, how the **** does it work?
Check it out, man. This here is your armpit! Ronnie James Dio-derant© acts as a Holy Diver for your sweat glands! The blue dot is my Dio-derant! Race for the morning!
Check it! There's no sign of the sweat pouring, this antipersperant hasn't left you alone, Like a Rainbow in the Dark!
Ronnie James Dio© and Ronnie James Dio-derant© are not responsible for this deoderant rocking your face off.

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Music Super (star) Market

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