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by attitudechicka
So you want the tacos, a number 3 combo...
AND a cheesecake?
Do you want another drink for your friend at home?
Don't pretend you don't know a video game marathon when you see one.

by attitudechicka
I don't understand what's happening to our friendship.
To answer that, I've actually hired someone.
Who is that?
Oh, I don't know her name. I just saw a fat lady who could carry a tune and gave her a fiver.
I'm a guy...
Whoops. In my defense, you WERE singing the lovliest soprano.

by attitudechicka
So you are the parent of this little juvenile delinquent? AND you are an accomplice to this crime?
Actually, his dad is the custodial parent right now.
Sorry, I'm torn between giving you an extra citation and declaring you mother of the year.

by attitudechicka
This summer is really killing me. Too hot!
How hot could it possibly be? 15C? You still need a sweater.
Yesterday it got up to 45 C, thank you!
Perfect sweater-wearing weather!
Ok, what's with sweaters? I'll burn to a crisp with one on!
Won't you get arrested without one? Canadians don't have the right to bare arms.

Some rocket scientist returned our meds.
I hate it when wild rocket scientists appear in my workplace.
by attitudechicka, 4-13-13

Continue watching?
Yes, I still see you. Geez, Netflix, quit being so insecure.
by attitudechicka, 4-13-13

by attitudechicka
So the concert is going to be $13. We have to eat the shipping charges.
There's some kind of two-day ticket to get them here on time.
So they are packing the band in crates?

by attitudechicka
...How is that even possible?
I digest.
You digest or you digress?
I digest.
But I think I also digress.

by attitudechicka
I showed your boss that post-it you gave me.
She seemed a little concerned.
I don't understand her worries.
I mean, I only wrote "stab" four times on a heart-shaped post-it note.

by attitudechicka
(Story about my day)
That's awesome!
Yeah, I pretty much am.
Sorry, I've been drinking. I'm full of ego and vodka.

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