D&R Guy Talk

D&R Guy Talk is guy talk between two friends, Dean and Ross. Hence the D&R.

by nealch
Dean and Ross: two American high-school teenagers
Aaargh! This is so frustrating, Ross. With my mom chaperoning this field trip and hanging over my head, I'll never be able to mack on the ladies.
Uh oh... here he goes again...
I don't get it. I mean, on the one hand she wants me to eventually get married so she can have grandkids, yet when she sees me hitting on girls she gets all "Mom-ish" and stops me.
How am I supposed to date, get married, and give her grandkids when she stops me from talking to girls? It makes no sense.
You forget one thing, Dean. See, moms are women and women don't make sense.

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D&R Guy Talk

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