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by bigworm
Dude!!! You liking it down there?
Oh, Hell yeh!The ambience is kind of close fitting, but the temperature is steady.
Well, you can thank God for being down there, 'cus if you were up here I'd turn you into a salt-lick!!!
Did you mean to say a 'pillar of salt'?
Yeh, wh... uhhh...
'Cus I don't like bein' mocked. That's why!

by bigworm
How did this happen?
I don't know
Are you setting me up? Now you ask me the same question.
Are you setting me up?
Technically, the other cat set you up. Any more questions?
Would you mind cleaning my litter box before you go?

by bigworm
So you're saying two of your alter egos met face to face on Haloween night.
A scuffle ensued wherein each alter ego managed to kill the other.
So tell me this Mr. Cat! How is it that you're here testifying today?
9-7 your Honor.
By Jove, I think you've got it!!!

by bigworm
Hey YOU!!! Dude in a pink bunny suit! I know who you are!
You're the one who cut my paws off! HELP!!! HELP!!! POLICE!!!
So you answered the cat's calls for help, hacked the attacking pit-bull 'till it ran off. Any injuries to the cat?
Yessir! The cat ran off with a limp, like maybe the pit-bull had chewed it's paws off.

by bigworm
Again??? You were just here last week! You killed my father, my mother, my sister and my brother and so...yeh sure...
...She'll be home around 5:00p.m. I'll point her out to you. Then we'll be 'Even Steven'. Yessireee!!! I made the right choice!!!
WTF??? You think I'm MONTY 'FUCKING' HALL???
Well now, I always thought very highly of the man because...
Hold that thought, I'm gonna' get my punch dagger!

by bigworm
Now that I have silence, I will now perform a daring and dangerous trick never intentionally performed by any other skull in the world!!!
PSSST! I'd rather be at home eating left-over egg plant.
TA-DA!!! I've just balanced the entirety of my weight on my upper jaw alone!
Left over egg plant = the runs... TA-DA!!!
I fear the excitement will do me in!
At least you wont **** yer pants!!!

by bigworm
For my next trick I need total silence.
Is everyone being totally silent?
Please remember that I have no ears and am completely deaf.

by bigworm
Dear Mr. Stage Director, I know I'm just a worthless skull, but I could use a mike!
How about adjusting it for me!

by bigworm
Not only did he give me 9 lives, I can have fish anytime I want!!!
I'm so hungry! Would you share some with me right now?
I dunno', maybe...
Lemme' ask my *****!

by bigworm
Dear Lord, I killed one of my babies last night!
Well I was just ...
Never mind! I retract that question!

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