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by evil_d
In honor of Black History Month, let's take a look back at what it's meant to "be black" at various times throughout history.
43,516,004 BCE

Cyclops never forgave the Scarlet Witch for the way she altered his mutant power.
by evil_d, 1-21-15

by cpausti
Transsexualism is intense.
I mean, I have nothing but respect for those people. Shit, you gotta be pretty sure of yourself to decide to get your **** removed.
I've never been so sure of anything in my life. I get nervous when the ATM asks if I'd like a receipt.

by cpausti
I'm getting fed up. It's hard for nice guys to get girls because women are dumb and only like *******s.
If that were true, you wouldn't be a virgin.

by cpausti
If there's a gay pride parade, why isn't there a straight pride parade?
There is. It's called the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

by cpausti
If there's a black entertainment channel, why isn't there a white entertainment channel?
There is. It's called CBS.

by TheGovernor
72, 25, 38, 3......
What are you doing?
I'm flicking to various pages in 'Atlas Shrugged' in order to generate lottery numbers
Essentially it's a Rand-om number generator

by choadwarrior
In this house, we don't take snacks without asking.
In this house, we don't play on the dirty floor.
In this house, we don't eat canned tuna.

by jes_lawson
Ye Knight. The poor guy who takes the adventure seriously. The only one.
The Wizard. Has access to a library of magic. No longer allowed within a mile of normal libraries. Or schools.
Look, I swear, I never touched that apprentice!
Professor X. Wait... what.... No! Stupid so called smart phones #£&@!!
I really shouldn't be here!

by jes_lawson
Face front true believers, as we return to re enter the fantasy world of RPG!
Last time, our heroes were in the dangerous realms of the Birmingham Airport Novotel!
But first... a recap!

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