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by HCRoyall
On the one hand I'm getting a lot more done on personal projects, but on the other hand I feel like I've lost a bit of a connection with a community that made up part of my personal identity.
If you're done whining into the computer, the patient in 305 needs an enema.
All right.I'll get you some extra packets of lube.

by HCRoyall
I mean, I had close to 30 web comics I'd visit every week, plus keeping up here to at least participate in the contests.
Now I realize it's been almost a year since I've had anything close to a cohesive regimen other than Facebook and email.
I don't want to quit, it's just so jarring that I could drop them so easily.

by HCRoyall
Life is surreal right now.
I'm finally finishing this nursing program, but my new job has basically removed most of my internet browsing from my routine.
What's weird is that I don't even miss it, and trying to get back into it almost feels sometimes.

by Ranger77
The return of the Ranger's World cast to "reality" can be attributed to one man. A single person who changed the course of history.
He rides the temporal waves of the universe, clearing up anomalies and correcting errors. His dedication is strong. His mission is critical. His...
... apple turnovers are done! Cool!

by Ranger77
I don't know what to do. I know I'm not going crazy.
There's a theory that we are in a "reality stream." Things happen. Reality changes. Some people adjust with it. Some don't.
So I'm one of those who didn't...and I need an "adjustment?"
Yes. You should talk to that pale engineering guy from "Sidereal Stomp." He would know.
That's a GREAT idea. I'm glad someone believes me!
Actually I think you're bat**** crazy. There was no "Jelly Incident." I'm just advancing the plot. Fourth wall crap, y'know.

by MikeyG
It wasn't cum, it was snot.

by TheGovernor
Greetings Comrade
Who the hell are you?
I am Russian Chicken
And what are you doing in my bed?
I have, how you say...'Come home to roost'

Okay, your appointment is scheduled for Tuesday at 9:00. Please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork.
Mofo, if I could get there at 8:45, I wouldn't have asked for a 9:00 appointment!
by evil_d, 2-13-17

by Ranger77
2-12-17 have to help me here.... I'm still hungover from all that dimension crap. I don't remember last week.
I don't know why all this is so important?
Comic sets just don't DISAPPEAR.
All the freaky stuff that goes around here and you're citing rules?
Rules don't play here. I just checked the microwave in the break room. I think someone killed a hamster in there....
There's a problem. We have to fix it.
The PROBLEM is that we're back in this ****...
I hate fixing "****" around here. It always involves lasers and *****es.

by evil_d
Hi, I'm Rick Grimes. Can my band of battle-hardened and emotionally damaged zombie apocalypse survivors come live with you?
Well sure! We've built a stable, functional community here, and if we can't share that with our fellow survivors, then what's the point of it all, am I right?
Two weeks later
This definitely would have happened whether or not we came along, okay?

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