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by HCRoyall
All right, we'll try this again. I call to order this meeting of Pantsless Alcoholics Anonymous.
But we're both pantsless and drinking.
Next week then?
Sure thing!

by evil_d
Good to see you again, Gabe! What have you been up to these past few years?
Sodomizing llamas. And you?
The same! Hey, you ever think of sodomizing something else, like, I don't know, a donkey?
Don't be ridiculous! I've never sodomized a donkey and I never will.
Best 50 bucks I've ever spent. Thanks, man.
You said you'd give me your sister's number too.

by HCRoyall
Not that I expect to win this contest, but the good ol' days for me?
The good ol' days were the ones where I was back in Kuwait, just having joined Stripcreator.
Back then my schedule was made by people higher up, my paycheck was fat and my bills low.
I didn't have to worry about anything because all I had to do was follow directions and then I got free time to **** off.
And now? Now I'm going to school, waiting for my publisher to call to finalize the deal on my book, and expecting a baby in September.
I can't wait to see what the future holds, but that doesn't mean I don't wish I could go back to where everything was safe and routine.

by choadwarrior
Your brunch comes with bottomless mimosas.
I'm not a big fan of mimosas. Do you have anything else?
How about if I brought you something that gives you the same effect as a mixture of Sunny Delight and Korbel?
I guess I can try it.

by jes_lawson
Archer! We're to explore the abandoned troll mine! It's on the other side of the Creepy Forest!
I'll scout us a safe route.
Mage! Canst thou facilitate our travels?
I know a Teleport spell, but it's not quite perfected...
3 months previously...
Oh Shit...
Sir, I know who you are, and I'm going to have to ask you to leave..., and how you got into here!

by jes_lawson
Salutations, my Lord Lannister! You have work for us?
Yep... I need you to go and check out the abandoned troll mine.
But, verily, if tis abandoned, surely there would be nothing in it?
You heard of Ned Stark, Knight? He asked the wrong sort of questions as well.
Understood, my liege. I shall assemble ye team and report back...
Yeah. Do that. And get my Ulster fry out tha kitchen for me before you go...

by jes_lawson
It's OK Tyrone, you *can* be a benevolent king for RPG Land. It doesn't matter that no-one can pronounce your name right,
You have a Masters in Engineering from Stanford... Just... don't be a stereotype...
I could really go for an Ulster Fry, a *****, and a 40 oz bottle of... aw **** sake NO! What was I just telling myself?!

by jes_lawson
Your Highness! I verily hear you have work for us!
Indeed. RPG land has been merged with Game of Thrones, so Tyrone Lannister will be taking over. Heed his commands.
Don't... you mean Tyrion Lannister?
Nope, Tyrone...
S'up Knighty? Get us a flagon of Buckfast will ye?

by evil_d

by jes_lawson
Jonathan, the Archer. Good with arrows, so, he'd rather be working at his old job in the pub...
For the last time, I did NOT kill the Star Trek franchise!
Frank, the motorcyclist duck. Breaks the fourth wall in a foul manner and... Hold on... what... a duck?!
Shut the **** up jes_ , and get with the plot! This Fireblade's not gonna sell itself!
Here be our heroes! Let's reconvene at the court of the King of RPG Land!

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