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by Ranger77
Remind me of something, B...was it always this strange around here?
I was a squirrel. You turn into a pile of ashes when you sleep. I would say so.
Yeah. I guess. It seems that the absurdity this time has a more distinct bit of anger to it.
I don't know...I think we're just about the same. A bit older...maybe even more mature...
Spicy couldn't make it so they sent me. I'm a Caprinae. You all suck. Give me a question.
Gotta admit, every week gets more ****ed and interesting at the same time....

by Ranger77
You summoned me?
Yep. This has been a weird ride so far. Not happy about being back. Where does this lead?
Eventually you and your crew find your way back into the alternate dimensions. After a period of silence you get replaced by a rather mediocre comic called "The Company."
Spicer writes a tell-all book, Kellyann Conway does a foot fetish clip that sells to single digits and gets banned for being gross (obviously) and Trump gets caught with his underwear.
Awesome. At least I have something to look forward to...

by Ranger77
Ok...I got rid of Bannon. Told him they were doing human sacrifices at Sears to get customers. He left quickly.
I tried to chase Alex Jones with an rolled newspaper but had to go with the taser. He kept yelling at me that I couldn't do that without rubbing his nipples. But he's gone. Finally.
So we are good?
For the moment.
You know as well as I do that this **** isn't over.
Yep. Pretty much.

by Ranger77
*ahem* Bark Bark. Bark. Growl.
Umm...ok. I give up. What the hell is this?
Alex Jones came to visit. He's a "performance artist" now and INFOWARS is an entertainment site.
Bark. Bark. Bark. Chemtrails. Rawl. Bark. I love Trump and Jesus, but Trump a bit more. Bark.
Bark. Rowl. Obama wants to run the UN. Bark. Rowl. False flag...
Fuck. Clean up on isle FIVE! Bring a mop and a doggy bag!

by choadwarrior
Somebody stole my identity.
Of all people!
I know!
Now somebody has to pretend to be you.

Meanwhile at the White House....
No Mr. President you can't pardon R. Kelly. He was acquitted years ago.
He was SO MISUNDERSTOOD! I gotta do something!! You people just don't get the POWER of the FLOW!
by Ranger77, 4-14-17

by Ranger77
4-14-17 the Department of Education!
HAHA. Betty LIKES! the Department of Housing and Urban Development!
George! What did you DO!
Go get him Weezy! HAHAHA! North Korea!
Oh, no you DIDN'T!
We will own you. Yep long as China keeps sending us them Pop Tarts. O-W-N. Believe that! We be testin' like 'Edsin' all up in here...

by Ranger77
We interrupt this contrived interaction for a breaking story: ALT-RIGHT Baffled by Trump's Syria move! Here's a LIVE FEED from THE INTERNET!
WHY!!! WHY????
In a related note, Pepe the Frog, misunderstood and confused, jumps into a blender in protest. We've got video. Watch THIS ****'s off the hook!

by Ranger77
Yes, I should be dedicated to your destruction, but I sense the President denying me what I am owed, so I am forced to make other plans.
I can make this strip strong and powerful. Under my guidance we can dismantle the adminsitrative state, rule all Seven Planes of Hades and OWN this world...this world of Ranger.
You smell like a papercut.
Yes. I am often told that....

by Ranger77
Brace yourself. This "candidate" should be interesting.
Look, it might be nothing. The "new" Pimp, Chicken of Destiny, one of the HeroVille guys...that's the way jokes play out around here. How bad could it be?
*(Actual quotes from the Dark One....)
I love a gun fight. Alot of people are saying I look like an alcoholic but I'm ****ed right now and so I really don't care.*

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