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by evil_d
Are those needle marks on your arms? Don't think I don't know what that means, young lady!!
Calm down, mom! They're from giving blood!
Oh. Well... that's good then. I'm proud of you.
Just a couple more pints and we'll have enough to summon Yo'phuthogugl.
I hope he eats my ***** mom first.

by choadwarrior
Are you worried about diabetes?
You should be.
Yeah, the word DIE is right in there.

My husband and I are going to adopt.
I don't think I'll ever have kids.
You really don't need an excuse for some young thing to call you, "Daddy."

by evil_d
Hello, Ms. West, this is your gynecologist's office calling.
You've been postponing your appointment for a while, but it's very important.
I'm afraid we must go down and see you sometime.

by choadwarrior
What's wrong?
You're out of toilet paper.
That is a problem.
Do you have another roll?
Are you going to apologize for ****ting in my house?

by choadwarrior
Mr. President, do you have any comment about Secretary of State Tillerson referring to you as a moron?
It's fake news.
Totally untrue.
A moron has an I.Q. of at least 51.

by evil_d
Please don't be alarmed. We merely need to run a few tests to update our data on your species.
Are you going to use one of those anal probes on me?
Oh heavens no. Those are old technology.
Oh, thank god.
These urethral probes are much more sophisticated.

I'm going to hit the dance floor.
I'll be here.
I should check on my friend...
How long do you want to stay?
As long as they have gin.

by choadwarrior
My advisors have suggested I increase funding to NASA for space exploration and colonization, but I know better.
Mars ain't the kind of place to raise your kids.
In fact, it's cold as hell.

by choadwarrior
The pills I'm giving you are very strong, so you should only use them for a few days.
How many are you prescribing?
A thirty day supply.
Why are you giving me more than I need?
To save another office visit the next time you get an owie, you *****.

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