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In Soviet Russia...
Turkey shoots you!
by jes_lawson, 11-28-15

by evil_d
To amuse myself, anytime I hear anybody talk about "rock" or "the rock", I mentally replace it with "Dwayne Johnson".
The International Olympic Committee announced today that it would consider Dwayne Johnson climbing for inclusion in the 2020 Olympics.
♫ Just let me hear some of that Dwayne Johnson 'n' roll music / Any old way you choose it / It's got a backbeat, you can't lose it.... ♪

by mandingo
i know we're moving pretty fast but do you think it's possible to just KNOW?
your subconscious, your cells, your genes, whatever, just KNOWS. just realizes you've found the one?
what? oh, sweety, i'm sorry, were you talking to me? i tend to stop listening after they put out.

by choadwarrior
We need to cancel our big presentation tomorrow.
I worked all weekend to get my part ready.
I didn't. Can you think of a good excuse to postpone to another day?
I could be really hungover.

by jes_lawson
After the damages bill was paid off, we have just enough for extra suppplies. There's a good market in town I know.
Most fortuitous. But whilst thou were fleecing ye darts player, I hast found us some new allies!
*adopts_deep_voice* Previously... on RPG!
Gad's balls! No armour, hiding in ye privvy, which doth stink of... Heinrich the Unclean?!
Knight! By Odin's Beard! I...
And Valerie ye Valkyrie?! What art thou and Heinrich doing in ye privvy together?
Umm... Definitely not what ya be thinkin', Knighty! Uh... What are YOU doin' wit' no pants on?

by jes_lawson
Huzzah Ranger! Ye hast won back my dignity, and some funds for ye quest!
Yeah! 11000 GP, plus a side bet I had. We'll settle the damages, and check with our companions.
Wizard, I hear ye did encounter problems here?
Frank decided to start a fight. Next thing you know, I accidentally cast a Fireball spell at the whisky stand and incinerated my assailants. Plus the whisky.
So what happened?
*urp*... wrong turn at Abluquerque, teleport spell, stuck in a tree, jail, butt****, bar...drank a lot of Fireballed whisky...

by choadwarrior
Now that you're back, I'd love to show you around all the churches we built in your honor.
Do they celebrate all my miracles and good deeds... healing the sick, raising the dead, walking on water, multiplying the fish, yada yada.
In a way, I guess.
Because the last thing I want to be reminded of is my gruesome, torturous death.
We need to redecorate.

by jes_lawson
Right, lets's get this done. THOCK! THOCK THOCK!
Nice try mate, but you've not a chance in... hold on...?
Cheating ******* surely!
You never said we couldn't use +3 arrows. Want to see an 8 dart finish or...
I'll forfeit...

by choadwarrior
Do you know why we're having such a hard time getting invoices paid?
It's probably those lazy fat cats in Accounting.
You mean the managers?
All the clerks wear leopard print for some reason.

by choadwarrior
The latest Republican debate was held last night.
Between the CNBC commentators and Donald Trump...
There was more Bush bashing than a lesbian orgy.

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