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by r2_d2
Thank you for calling the suicide hotline. Your call is very important to us and will be answered in the order in which it was received. Please hold.
Paul! What the **** are you doing!?
These people are in dire straits! We have to give them the individual attention they need!
Dude, I have a 100% success rate this month. Trust me, the hold music does all the work.
♪♫ In Heaven, there is no beer! ♫♪
I want to live!

by choadwarrior
Your house, it is very dirty.
You may have wondered why I called you here today.

by UnknownEric
Duh-duh-duh... duh-duh-duh...
Oh let the cum beat down upon my face
Clouds of spermy dreams

by UnknownEric
All I wanna do when I wake up in the mornin' is feel your tight... vagina, vagina
I never thought that a girl like you would have such a tight... vagi-na-yuh

Your mother and I had one of each. Your sister is like me.
Because she's a Type-A control freak.
And you're like your mom.
Because I'm easy going.
I suppose, but you really love ****.

Speak for yourself, I'm getting fisted!
by UnknownEric, 5-16-18

by evil_d
Hey man, the end of days is coming up in a few years and I really need people distracted while I make some preparations.
Think you can draw the world's attention for a bit?
Stand back and watch the maestro at work, sonny.

by UnknownEric
Wow, this year's booth fair was spectacular. You had every kind of booth! Photo booth...
Everyone loves a photo booth.
...kissing booth...
Who doesn't like a good kiss?
...John Wilkes Booth...
Admittedly, that one was a shot in the dark.

by evil_d
Well, that universe was a bust. I think I need to make the dominant species smarter.
Aye, that'd be a good start.
Wh— What are you doing here? You're supposed to be disappeared like the rest of existence!
Search me, mate. Last thing I remember is falling into the loo at the pub.
Oh, so that's where I left the other end of that portal.

I'm a Gold Card Gay. I've never had sex with a woman.
I'm a Platinum Card Gay. My mom had a C-Section, so I've never even touched a vagina.
Rhodium Card?
Honey, I don't even eat tacos.

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