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by choadwarrior
You should have gone into politics.
You think?
You could lobby the Pope for birth control.
No doubt.
I'd totally use a condom on that *******.

by TheGovernor
That's it Europe we're through, I'm leaving you
It's for the best really
It's not you, it's me
Actually I just realised you own all the cool CDs and have a better friend circle
Oh ****, maybe this wasn't such a good idea

by jes_lawson
And what can I get for you, sir?
I'll have this potion of Mana, this FOOBIE BLETCH scroll, and I'd like to browse your mystical periodicals.
Certainly sir, I have a very discreet dungeon downstairs which...
It wasn't a metaphor!

by jes_lawson
Mr. Archer sir! Welcome back! What can I get you, and your incontinent armoured friend?
Heya Mister Singh! Three fletches of +3 arrows, a couple of cram rations, and... a compass.
350GP. And...
Yeah, the Knight will need a chicken leg, a 1UP, a thing that says "POW" and some helmet polish.
That'll be 200 zennies. I'll have to check under the counter for the...
It wasn't a metaphor.

by UnknownEric
Dorothy! Dorothy! Toto's been KIDNAPPED!
Oh no, I have to get help!
Casey Kasem, where is Toto?
Toto is up 6 notches to number 24 with their hit "Rosanna."
Ooh, and how's Journey doing?
First, a Long Distance Dedication...

by choadwarrior
You wanted to see me?
Do you remember the pep talk I gave at the beginning of the year?
What did I say?
"You can't beat our students."
I meant that literally.

by evil_d
Illegal aliens? How'd you get in here? I built a wall and everything!
I'm not the kind of alien that's from Mexico, I'm the kind of alien that's from outer space.
Well then I'll build a wall around the whole planet if that's what it takes!

by jes_lawson
At the market stall in town
Zounds! This stall is bereft of a merchant! Archer, art thou sure we can procure supplies here?
Methinks I shall take my leave and... Wait...What a fine set of red platemail!
And, as if by magic... PING!
The shopkeeper appears!
Aah, Gadzooks! I hath besmirched my breeches!

Anything interesting on the convention coverage?
Elizabeth Warren is visiting the Clinton family box.
Rachel Maddow?

by jes_lawson
Welcome back to Jeopardy. We start with our returning champion, Haddaway
I'll take Emotional concepts for $1000, Alex.
"Oh lady don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more."
What is love?

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