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by choadwarrior
Okay, the first thing we're going to need you to do is hop on the scale.
Can I take a dump first?

by TheGovernor
So for 50 clams you'll get the full Scandinavian. I'll take you to the final furlong and leave you with Norwegian Wood if you know what I mean?
Well I Say!
Hey if that's not your thing then you can wear the saddle and I'll do the riding. Im a trojan horse baby, I'll be inside before you even know it. Ahhh yeah!!!!
That's it, I demand to speak to Orson the manager
Sir, the lewd language of your staff is intolerable
Of course! What did you expect at Orson Borsen's Coarse Norse Hoarse Horse Whores Inn?

by choadwarrior
Oh my god! It's you! The Fat One!
I beg your pardon!
Yeah, I remember you from the 90's. You're The FAT One!
I have a name.
You mean, it's not The Fat One?
Carnie Wilson.

by evil_d
Police are still trying to determine whether Dylann Roof may have had an accomplice who helped him plan the attack.
In the pictures on his web site, Roof is always the sole subject, but he's never holding the camera. Did he use a tripod? Or was there a cameraman?
Don't worry, they'll never make me talk.

by evil_d
I for one am proud of Dylann Roof! It's about time somebody listened to my advice.
So you helped him plan the shooting?
Well, not directly... but I'm sure he was familiar with my work. I've spent a lot of time on starting the race war....
Meaning you rant a lot on the internet.
What can I say; I'm an idea man.

by evil_d
Letter for you, Mr. Obama. It says, "You've ****d our women, you're taking over the country, and you have to go. Lots of love, Dylann Roof."
Well, I did take over the country for eight years, and I will have to go at the end of this term. But I never ****d any white women!
There's still time, you know.
I'm the President of the United States! I have to uphold the dignity of the office!
I'm just saying, if you're going to be accused of the crime anyway, you might as well have done it.
Well... I suppose if we could "extrajudicially detain" that one chick in the press corps....

by TheGovernor
So aside from catching Tribble herpes the experiment was a complete success
Facinating, So why did you have to put twenty live tribbles down your underpants?
It was all part of a 'cunning plan' devised by Doctor McCoy
It does seem a little extreme however Captain
Well how else was I supposed to coax that Klingon Hamster out of my anus?
I guess that's logical

by evil_d
I mean, I could have done anything with my life. I could have been a chef! But if massacring those churchgoers was enough to start a race war, then it was worth it.
Yeah, there's no race war.
So many chickens unspatch****ed.

by evil_d
I don't understand why everyone doesn't support segregation. Why wouldn't you want to live among your own people?
En noshörning har ätit min handväska.
You mean to tell me you're white but you don't even speak Swedish? I'm so disillusioned.
Just because some white people speak Swedish doesn't mean all... hang on a minute.
What else don't you do? Play tennis? Listen to Enya? Get skin cancer?

by evil_d
You know you were just asking for trouble with this "Methodist Episcopal" thing, right? Mixing denominations always goes wrong!
It's not really—
Just look at Ireland or Jerusalem. Everybody knows you don't cross the streams! I believe I sent you a message to that effect.
Wait, are you saying Ghostbusters was divinely inspired?
Well, not the video games.

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