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by jes_lawson
I just can't seem to stop obsessing over these violent thoughts!
Yes, continue!
I just want to take it out on the next stranger who looks at me sideways!
Of course, yes!
So, do I need help?
What? I haven't been paying attention, I just finished my crossword. I think you talk a lot of stupid crazy **** and should shut up, if that helps

I just have to update my fantasy football picks.
You've never played fantasy football?
Not like you do.
And now, we hit the showers.

by HCRoyall
And for our special episode of Iron Chef: Ingredients chosen by the Internet!
And our ingredients chosen by internet poll are: Anal Rape, Mountain Dew, and "Hitler wasn't such a bad guy after all..."!
Please tell me you're the "Hitler wasn't such a bad guy after all..."
Ha ha! No.

by jes_lawson
That was fun! Can we play again?
Sure. If you have a 5.1/4" floppy drive, and want an arrow up your ear, Steed.
Thou knowest this settlement, Archer?
Yeah, did some temporary work in the pub. Rough place, but it'll get us closer to the Spooky Forest
I have a bad feeling about this.
Is that all you can say? A Cleric, gifted with mystical powers, and THERE IS A FIGHT ON IN THIS PUB, and you just say "I have a bad feeling about this" ?

by jes_lawson
Wow! That girl over there is HOT!
Yeah! Man up and go over and talk to her.
What the...?
According to readings, you wish to mate with the female behind us. I shall accompany you, and provide logical suggestions as to discourse, to promote intercourse.
So what happened?

by jes_lawson
We're short staffed again this week.
Meh, just send the intern cardiologist to cover the ObGyn. They've both got the same medical degree...
I'm not feeling a pulse down here. Nurse! Get the defibrillator STAT!

by choadwarrior
What the hell happened to you?
Haven't you heard? Superman is on a crime spree.
Do you think greed finally got to him?
Either that or he just has some bills to pay.
I wonder why The Daily Planet isn't covering this.
They laid off all their reporters.

by jes_lawson
Jeez, Frank, what happened to you?
It's the experimental drug I'm taking for my alopecia.
The one that PharmaCo bribed the regulators to pass, without checking for side effects, and costs more than $3000 a dose?
That's the one.
Well that explains the huge bill.

I'm afraid there's no easy way to break this to you...
by jes_lawson, 10-01-15

by choadwarrior
I want to order gift cards for staff appreciation.
It's not in the budget.
So put it in the budget.
We can't afford it.
I'd call you a cheapass, but it looks like you put a lot of money into that thing.

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