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by FatJordan
Never again will I say that boning Ms. Pac Man is worth the hassle.

by FatJordan
5-01-06 are you doing?
Hey neighbor! I'm just working on sorting my ancient Chinese Pottery Barn collection!
No you're not. You realize I'm on the same side of the fence as you, right?
...don't judge me.
Have you heard about the movie Hard Candy? Guy like you...gets
And you are trying to make me stop?

by FatJordan
Seriously. You haven't written a comic in like six months. What gives man? Are you just going to forget about your comic counterpart?
You're welcome, my friend.

by FatJordan
...ancient Chinese secret.

by Zilchoid
(birds chirping in the background)
Ahh, summertime. No screaming kids, no waking up at the buttcrack of dawn. This is the life. Oh look, here comes Josh!
What's up brother? Are you busy right now?
Nope, just getting started on the day's drinking.
Cool, I hear ya. That's good.
You know I'm off for summer and you want me to come help remodel your house, huh?
You got that right, Extreme Makeover-boy!

by Mister_Owens
YES YES YES!!!! Only 3 weeks left of this wretched year!
Mr. Owens, you know you're going to miss us.
Miss you? Miss you how?
I mean you'll be sorry when we're gone. You know, you're gonna miss us and be sad.
The only way I'll miss you is with a shotgun, and that's what will make me sad.
you're such a kidder.

by Mocha_Monk
Well this is the weird I was expecting. Where to now Kimo Sabe?
I. . .****. I don't know.
Well, let's ummm. . . try the West End first. I need to head that way anyway.
Wait. . .how the hell do you have an agenda here?
Don't you worry about that my man. I sense beer in that direction, and it always knows the answer.
I've never argued with that line of thinking before. . .why start now?

by Mocha_Monk
So this is England? Looks a lot like home.
Is it just me, or did it feel like we were on that damn plane for MONTHS?
Somewhere between that old broad fallin asleep on me and the guy at Louis Armstrong patting my crotch. yeah.
The only crotch patting I got was in the security check. I barely held the "concealed weapon" joke in check.
As long as you're hiding a pea shooter and not a 9mm we're good.
Would we really have had to fly to England if I was packing a nine?

by Mister_Owens
You know what Chris, you're a cool person. I like you.
As well you should.
blah blah blah
Go away now.
I hate you
And.... cut. Wrap the scene!

by Mister_Owens
I'm not trying to be funny
You know, life sucks?
How so?
Well, for starters, you're expected to lower your expectations for students so that they can "pass".
Like there's not enough **** on our plate as it is... not we have to make kids feel good for achieving near-mediocrity?
That's education for you.

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