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These are some comics I wrote with a LOT of free time, just to express the geeky aspects in my life. If you find humor in my comics, then you are as big of a nerd as I am! Cheers.
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by oBSo1337
Ian, check it! I actually got to work ON TIME this morning!
Hey, good for you! Did you finally take my advice and buy a new alarm clock?
Actually, I stayed up all night writing an alarm-clock program in C++. After my computer is idle for 2 hours, it sets the alarm integer for 0600. When it reaches 0530, it turns the volume up to 85...
So when it reaches 0600, it plays a .wav file of a gunshot, startling me awake and making me unable to go back to sleep!
I'm not sure whether I should credit you for your creativity, or your countless ways of being cheap.
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