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by ralahinn1
It happens every year-
Omg! It's HOT! I'm dying! Is the world ending?!
Um, it's Summer-
A few months later-
Omg! It's FREEZING! I'm dying ! Is the world ending?!
Um,it's Winter-

The murder rate in Baltimore for 2019 is 217
Go Team Baltimore,you are almost at 220!
by ralahinn1, 8-19-19

Imagine a business,like say online clothing or tech support, so desperate for clients they choose to share links to their company on a shady comic strip creator site- Welcome to the "Twilight Zone"-
by ralahinn1, 8-18-19

by ralahinn1
Stand by for Actin News-
Breaking News- acting legend Peter Fonda is dead-
A crew was sent to get a "Man on the street " reaction-
I'm so sorry- I thought you were lookin' for someone "fond of peter-"
So how 'bout it,sailor ? I can say you tempt my tummy with the taste of nuts and honey. I've got honey at home.Want to stop in?

Bobby! I thought you said you weren't playing this game anymore-
I found out about the new character titles,I like "Silent, but deadly".You should use "General Pain",lol.
by ralahinn1, 8-13-19

The murder rate in Baltimore is at 210 for 2019
Let's make it 2and a quarter, Team Baltimore ,you can do it!
by ralahinn1, 8-12-19

The murder fate in Baltimore is now 200.
Way to go Team Baltimore! You may hit 300 by the end of the year!
by ralahinn1, 8-06-19

I say,Percy, Did you hear that French's has come out with a mustard icecream,and Oscar Meyer came out with a hotdog flavored icecream sandwich called "Ice dog"?
Really? See what happens when weed becomes legal.
by ralahinn1, 8-02-19

In a galaxy not so far away-
Hey,did you hear,CNN has a tech article that explores robots and racism -
Isn't that racist ?
by ralahinn1, 8-01-19

Breaking news,FBI suggests that James Comey should be prosecuted-
We'll leave a light on for you-
by ralahinn1, 8-01-19

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