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by ralahinn1
You did it, Baltimore! The Murder rate is 140!
Go for that gold! Make it 150!
People must think we be dumber than dirt,we murder each other, includin'women an'children, an'sells each otha drugs,an'blaim "whitey"-
Word, bidness as usual,an' gubment fears stopin' us because we'd call dem "racist."

What the hell, PlayStation is down!
Switch to X-box in 5-4-3...
by ralahinn1, 6-13-19

The murder rate in Baltimore for 2019 is 133!
Almost 140,go for the Gold,Team Baltimore!
by ralahinn1, 6-10-19

by ralahinn1
Oh noooo,you gringo's built a wall on privat land with private funds on Memorial Day weekend!
-are you mocking me ? I will not be mocked!
Tell that to your mother she's dancing at the "donkey bar"again-
Really? That brings in the good monies

by ralahinn1
Stand by, for Actin News-
Baltimore's new mayor says the way to get the gun violence to end is to hold boxing matches at Royal Farms Arena -
Oh I'm sure that will work- we sent a crew out to do man on the street interviews -
Wha'do I think? I'd like a bit of the side action of dese fights- sellin' de drugs an' de fine Ladies ,but still it's mo' satisfaction to have my nephew pop a cap in someone's azz-
Months later,along a Baltimore street-
Well, hell-oo-
Hey,didn't I just win a match with you in the arena?

The murder rate in Baltimore is 126!
Almost 130! Go Team Baltimore ! Your kids got to beat up more "innocent"people,like they did Memorial Day weekend !
by ralahinn1, 6-03-19

You did it Baltimore ! The murder rate is 121!
Go Team Baltimore! Go for the gold!
by ralahinn1, 5-30-19

Recently near the White house in DC-
Well,this was certainly a dumb idea-
Before you see the "big guy"about your placement, I want you to meet my good friend, Charles Darwin .
by ralahinn1, 5-30-19

The murder rate in Baltimore for2019 is 118.
Almost 120! You can do it Baltimore ! Go for the gold!
by ralahinn1, 5-28-19

by ralahinn1
At a club somewhere in DC-
Give it up,for our surprise guest, presidential candidate , Joe Biden-
Sings :"Every time I see a little girl of 5 or 6 or 7, I can't resist the joyous urge to smile and say-Thank heaven,for little girls-"
-ok then-we can see where this is going, thanks for coming and have a good night ,Mr. Biden-
-but I was hoping to entertain a few women after the show!
Biden's "secret service"men wait behind the curtain-
You pull the car around back,and I'll put the wig on,and get the shot ready. I don't know how we can take four years of this!

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