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by Tterb
Wow. You haven't made a comic since 2012.
See you in 2021.

by Tterb
Sorry for the bad hand writing on the last letter. Just making sure you got the right message.
Make sure all of the stew is in the oven by the time I get back. - Hitler

by Tterb
.. But God.. All the HE HE stories and rumors HE HE were true...HE HE!
We all just love your work Michael.
Yes sir, Mr. Jackson all of us here are big fans.
I know. You'll fit in nicely here.

by Tterb
...Before we start babe, can you whisper sweet nothings into my ear?

by Tterb
You ever think about quitting drinking?
Really? You haven't even considered it?
You ever think about quit being black?
Yea, how does it feel?

by Tterb
For I shall die for your sins.. So that one day you may all enter my father's Heaven...
So whose trying to sit on my lap and get a picture?

by Tterb
I can read your mind, Nite Owl...
Can you really Doctor Manhattan?
... And the answer is yes... My ***** does deserve more screen time then you.

by Tterb
Oh good, Santa you're here...The cookies are on the table. I'll be right out.
Ho Ho Ho!
Hey. Where are you going? Why don't you have a seat.. I'm Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC To Catch a Predator

by Tterb
Honey, Jr. sounds like he is about to say his first words...
Da...Da.. Daddy... has been sleeping with the neighbor's kid, who is only a freshman in high school. This has been going on for a few months now... She may be even carring his child as we speak.

by Tterb
Forreal *****. The minute I win this ****ing race. I'm changing this **** up. We aint never going to be put down by the man again. Yall hear?
I am John McCain and I approve this letter.

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